Canadian Ethics professor threatened with dismissal for refusing vaccine 9-7-2021

This Professor Should Make You Think Deeply and Look Into The Ethics Of The Government

Canadian Ethics professor threatened with dismissal for refusing vaccine
Canadian Ethics professor threatened with dismissal for refusing vaccine

On September 7, 2021 Professor Julie Panesse, Professor of Covid Ethics at Huron College-University Of Western Ontario became another victim of the investigational Covid Vaccine requirement for employees.

In this four minute video, the tenured Ethics Professor of twenty years uses herself as an example of the universally accepted coercion of people into a medical procedure by an employer through the mandated requirement of the Covid Vaccine. Her conundrum occurs as the school employs her to be an authority on the subject of ethics and states, “it is ethically wrong to coerce another to take a vaccine”.

Stew Peters interviews another “Whistleblower”. The Anon nurse whistleblower from a US hospital discusses what she has observed within her hospital of employment from the beginning of the COVID pandemic to the present.

Highlights of the interview include her following observations:

The term “Delta Variant” is synonymous to “Vaccine Injured”
The only communication about “DELTA Variant” is coming from hospital leadership
Nothing related to “DELTA Variant” is observed as documented in the patient charts
No change in the numbers of patients being admitted to hospitals
Positive PCR tests on admission for a fractured leg requires a direct admission to Covid Infected Units
Changes in therapeutics and the patient outcomes
Only Remdesivir is in use and has been observed causing severe heart and kidney damage
Ivermectin used early on for a short time with Remdesivir with better outcomes
She no longer trusts the “doctor’s care”.
The patients enter with vaccine injury and in most cases the second injection is pushed at discharge. This requires she explain they need to avoid the next injection in order to recover from their current vaccine injury.

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