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German Law Permits Parents to Change Sex of Babies on Birth Docs, Punishes “Deadnaming”

Opinion: This is not a law in my mind. I do not believe that we are living in a lawful time at all. Governments are not protecting the children, they are sacrificing them. SHTF.tv

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In a frightening development for German children, the nation’s parliament passed a law on April 12 that permits parents transfixed by “transgender” ideology to change the sex of newly born children on their birth certificates.

In addition, anyone found to have “deadnamed” someone could face a $10,000 fine.

Women’s rights activists opposed the socialist-sponsored measure unsuccessfully, Reduxx reported.


The move is yet another victory for the toxic “transgender” movement that has swept across the West.

The Bill

Bad as the provision is that fines anyone who reveals a person’s birth name and sex without permission, “the most troubling aspect of the law relates to a portion of the bill which permits parents to alter the recorded sex of children beginning from birth,” Reduxx reported:

From the age of five years old, it allows for name and sex changes if there is “mutual consent” between the child and their parents.

The law is supposed to protect the false concept of “gender identity … by giving people the opportunity to change their gender entry and first name without discrimination.”

But the “transgender” individual can change his name and sex again after a year.

By age 14, kids can change their name and identity on their own. If parents refuse to go along with the madness, “’a family court would decide based on the best interests of the child,’ thus allowing the state to overrule the wishes of parents or legal guardians,” Reduxx reported.

Not surprisingly, two “trans women” politicians appeared in a hearing to support the bill:

Tessa Ganserer and Nyke Slawik were elected to Germany’s Bundestag in September 2021 as representatives for the Green Party, taking positions that were reserved for female political representation.

In 2013, Ganserer, under his given name of Markus, was elected as a member of the Landtag of Bavaria, representing the constituency of Middle Franconia on the Alliance ’90/The Greens list.

Ganserer, who is most likely a sexual fetishist, discovered he was a “woman” at age 41 “after years of stealing his wife’s clothing,” the website observed. Of course, he used women’s facilities before he “legally” became a woman.

After the bill passed, he said he would “receive official ID documents in the future that will have my real name on them,” Reduxx reported.

Slawik might need more psychiatric help than Genserer. He began claiming he was a girl when he was 16, and “describes living in a shared flat with a woman and buying tampons in a bid to hide from them that he was male. Slawik has previously used the slur ‘TERF’ — an acronym which means ‘trans-exclusionary radical feminists,’ and is often used alongside threats of violence — to mock and insult women who oppose gender identity policies.”

Protesting Women

So-called trans activists mocked and harassed women who protested the bill.

Rona Duwe, who landed in legal trouble for comparing “a transgender organization’s mascot to a symbol known to be used by pedophiles.” She told Reduxx that persecution is ahead for feminists who oppose “transgender” ideology.

“We are afraid that the police, state and judicial persecution against feminists will increase. [Trans activists] are becoming more and more aggressive,” she said. “Some also came to us during our protest and mocked us or laughed at us. One was shouting that all feminist organizations in Germany welcomed the Self-Determination law.”

And “Duwe has had multiple police reports filed against her since last year for speaking out against gender identity ideology and policies,” the website continued.

Not surprisingly, a top promoter of the law was Green Party politician Sven Lehmann, a homosexual who uses the homosexual hook-up website during Bundestag meetings.

“Grindr is also work,” Lehmann said.

As well, Reduxx reported:

“Queer Commissioner” Lehmann has held a leadership position in a government-funded youth project which has promoted BDSM in a publication co-designed by minors. Lambda Bundesverband, an organization which receives financial support from the Federal Ministry for Family, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (Bundesministerium für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend — BMFSFJ), has created resources describing “humiliation play” and “age fetishes” in collaboration with children as young as 14.

Last year, Lehmann was instrumental in the censorship of a brochure produced in part by Duwe. The information resource, titled “Guide Out of the Transgender Cult” (Wegweiser aus dem Transgenderkult), criticized the medical “transitioning” of children, and was aimed at parents who wish to protect their children from puberty-halting drugs and transgender surgeries.

U.S. Transgender Laws

The United States is heading in Germany’s direction. Aside from President Biden’s annually recognizing“Transgender Visibility Day,” and his appointing “transgenders” to major government jobs, last year, leftist U.S. Representative Pramilla Jayapal, an Indian immigrant, introduced a wide-ranging bill to enshrine “transgender” ideology into federal law by creating new “rights.”

Aside from forcing women to involuntarily share public restrooms with men, the bill would also force girls to play school sports with boys and force girls to use school restrooms with boys.

It would force doctors and hospitals to provide “gender-affirming care” for “transgender” youngsters and block states from forbidding such care.

The bill would also alter identification requirements on federal documents. Whether the law would ban sex identification on birth certificates, or permit parents to designate whatever sex they want for their child, is unclear.

Despite that, states that refused to identify a child as the sex he or she “prefers,” or refuse to permit parents to designate the sex of the child on a birth certificate, would likely face a federal civil-rights lawsuit

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Written by Colin

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