Austrian Minister of Health: Doctors are Liable for Jab Injuries

Austrian Minister of Health Doctors are Liable for Jab Injuries
Austrian Minister of Health Doctors are Liable for Jab Injuries

Austrian MP Mag. Gerald Hauser recently posed demanding questions to the country’s Minister of Health Johannes Rauch concerning liability surrounding the COVID-19 jabs. Rauch’s responses indicate that medical professionals—who blindly followed the “evidence-less” assurances from the ministry that the shots were safe—could very likely be held responsible in the event of vaccination damage.  

Specifically, the Minister of Health’s answers shows doctors would be required to provide adequate information about possible dangers and harmful consequences of the injections in advance so individuals can make an “informed and free decision.” If they fail to do so, medical professionals could face penalties of up to 14,000 euros. According to settled case law with the Austrian Supreme Court, Rauch further explained the implications for doctors, stating:

“The doctor is obligated to inform patients about the possible dangers and harmful consequences of the treatment. There is also an obligation to inform about vaccinations. Before the vaccination is carried out, there is an obligation to inform the person to be vaccinated and—if this [person] is not yet capable of making decisions— one with legal representation in the area of the person entrusted with care and upbringing (legal guardian, usually a parent) about the disease to be prevented and the vaccination so that they can give consent to the vaccination.”


Rauch, who mandated the injections for all Austrian citizens (and quietly ended the mandate in late June), documented that doctors must provide the information to protect the freedom of the decision of the person concerned. Rauch wrote that for individuals to be objectively enlightened, they should be given the information required to understand the nature, importance, and scope of a medical measure, including COVID-19 “vaccines.” When asked what are the consequences for doctors if they fail to provide patients with sufficient information, Rauch responded:

“This question can only be answered to the effect that a lack of clarification [is] a violation of medical standards represent[ing] professional duties. This can be administrative and/or disciplinary, be punished, and result in legal liability consequences.” 

The dispute between conservative Freedom Party member Hauser and progressive Green Alternative member Rauch over the experimental COVID-19 “vaccines” is not new. Wochenblick (WB) reported that as early as June 2021, vaccine damage liability could fall on doctors if the patient has not been sufficiently informed in advance about the potentially harmful consequences of the injection, such as the many well-known and severe side effects. According to WB, Hauser has repeatedly stressed, “Vaccination is the problem, not the disease.” 

Hauser—who has promoted the use of Ivermectin and stated the W.H.O. is abolishing democracy—also asked Rauch what information or training has been furnished to the doctors dolling out the COVID injections so they can provide objective and sufficient information to their patients. As pointed out by WB, Rauch’s answers highlight the tremendous influence the massive pharmaceutical industry has over medical professionals and the entire global healthcare system. In 2020, Pfizer pushed over 31 million euros into Austria’s healthcare system. Given Pfizer’s consistent history of concealing the highly damaging effects of the mRNA shots, it seems safe to assume sufficient information from big pharma about adverse events is lacking. 


Along with Pfizer’s pumping of funds into Austria, Rauch explained that there had been 143 training courses for doctors on COVID-19 vaccinations. According to Rauch, from 2020 to 2022, the diploma further training program (DFP) of the Austrian Medical Association has held a total of 273 DFP training courses on the subject of “vaccination,” with 143 DFP of them specifically on the subject of the COVID-19 shots. Still, according to DFP’s website, the program is sponsored by Sanofi, Merck, Johnson & Johnson, and others. Thus, similar to Pfizer, the question persists regarding the depth of information offered on adverse vaccine events. 

Meanwhile, as vaccine status is mostly not recorded in Austria, the penalty for violating the obligation to report side effects of vaccinations (as dictated by the Medicines Act) is 7,500 euros and can go as high as 14,000 euros if repeated. Still, WB reported that not a single notification on COVID jabs had been submitted, leaving many affected individuals to report events themselves. Hauser points out that a side effect is any reaction to the vaccine that is harmful and unintended—in the case of vaccines, this also includes the lack of an effect. Subsequently, the question prevails: 

“Is it already a reportable side effect if a gene-treated person subsequently becomes infected with corona and actually becomes ill—i.e., has a so-called vaccination breakthrough?” 

In further questions on Hauser’s ten-page questionnaire, Rauch reiterated that medical professionals bear full responsibility and liability for the COVID jab and any side effects. Clearly, despite statements from the Austrian Ministry of Health that the jabs are safe, the ministry is essentially abandoning doctors and leaving them hanging with any potential lawsuits that may come to pass. And now that the Austrian Health Minister has pivoted accountability to medical doctors, how much longer can other nations, including the heavily propagandized United States, ignore the growing list of “vaccine” injuries and hold no one accountable?

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