Alberta town proposes bylaw to restrict Pride flags, crosswalks

restrict Pride flags

The Westlock, AB city council has moved to restrict Pride flags and crosswalks in favour of displaying only municipal, provincial and federal insignia.

The crosswalks and sidewalks would return to simple white paint on grey pavement.

On Monday, Westlock town council decided to let the residents vote on the potential bylaw, which will take place in February.

The decision came after a group of residents brought a petition to council in September decrying the Pride colours painted on town infrastructure, which was done in June by the “gay-straight alliance” at local high school R.F. Staples Secondary.

The painting initiative was endorsed by city officials at the time.

Deputy Mayor Murtaza Jamaly told CTV News they “thought it was a great opportunity to demonstrate we are an inclusive and welcoming community.”

“Council unanimously decided to donate a crosswalk for them to paint.”

At the council meeting Monday, Jamaly said roughly 10% of the town’s population, which is 4,921 people, signed the petition.

Though the city councillors themselves didn’t agree with the restriction, they couldn’t ignore it.

“There wasn’t a way that we could find ourselves passing that at council’s table,” he said. “Therefore under the legislative process, it goes to a plebiscite vote.”

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