Study Finds Self Assembly Plastic Polymer Nanoparticles In Every Placenta

The article commences to describe that there has been an explosion of self assembly polymer nanoparticles in placentas. Surprise that it has been 3 years… what happened at that time that these self assembly polymers were deployed?

Study Finds Self Assembly Plastic Polymer Nanoparticles In Every Placenta
Study Finds Self Assembly Plastic Polymer Nanoparticles In Every Placenta

It’s been over three years since scientists first found microplastics swimming in four different human placentas, and as it turns out, that was just the tip of the iceberg.

A few years later, at the start of 2023, researchers announced they had found microscopic particles of plastic waste in no fewer than 17 different placentas. By the end of 2023, a local study in Hawai’i analyzed 30 placentas that were donated between 2006 and 2021 only to find plastic contamination had increased significantly over time.

Could that have anything to do with 40 Million tons annually sprayed toxic chemicals and metals via geoengineering weather warfare operations? And how about the amount increase after the C19 bioweapon rollout, both the engineered Quantum Dot hydrogel virus like nanoparticle they called “Covid virus” and the C19 bioweapon injections? Remember my posts demanding studies of liquid gas chromatography to be done on the C19 bioweapon vials and that they would find microplastic aka self assembly nanotechnology polymers – as the C19 chemical analysis study given to my by Todd Callender showed?

C19 Vax Analysis Shows Dozens Of Toxic Phthalates That Have Been Associated With Endocrine Disruption And Death From Heart Disease

The researchers continue to describe their findings on the placenta:

Using a new technique, researchers have now identified tiny particles and fibers of plastic less than a micron in size in the largest sample of placentas yet. In all 62 tissue samples studied, the team found microplastics of various concentrations in every single one. These concentrations ranged from 6.5 to 685 micrograms per gram of tissue, which is much higher than levels found in the human bloodstream.

Let that sentence sink in for a moment. Per one gram of placenta tissue there was 685 micrograms polymer plastic. And this increased after the C19 bioweapon roll out in 2020. Imagine for a moment this concentration would apply to an adult body with a weight of 155lbs (70 kg).

Please note the aerosolized nanotechnology called Covid19 virus is very similar to hydrogel self assembly nanotechnology as the C19 injections. I have shown this since 2022 in live blood analysis:


Even Fauci understands how that works:

What Fauci just said Karen Kingston found exactly in the government owned Vaccine Nanotechnology patent:

And what polymers did they find in the placentas? Well, the same thing Clifford Carnicom and I found. Polyethylene ( one form of which is the C19 lipid nanoparticle technology polymer polyethylene glycol), polyvinyl alcohol which is plastic, nylon ( which is a polyamide protein).

Remember Clifford Carnicom and I found these same polymers in C19 injected and uninjected blood AND IN THE RUBBERY CLOTS of C19 deceased injected people.

We also found Silicone, which is part of biosensor nanotechnology.

Polyamide = Nylon, Polyene = Polyethylene, Vinyl = Polyvinyl Alcohol

Is it furthermore coincidence that the microscopic analysis of those filaments in the placentas are exactly what we now see in everyone’s blood? Note they also found silicone and metals, which I have discussed extensively recently. You can watch my interview on SGT report going into the details:


Here is the placenta breakdown of polymers and you can also find silicone:

Quantitation and identification of microplastics accumulation in human placental specimens using pyrolysis gas chromatography mass spectrometry

Could it be that self assembly nanotechnology which was first deployed as Morgellons via geoengineering and chemical analysis showed polyethylene filaments done by Harald Kautz Vella has something to do with these “microplastics” being found in frozen placentas that had some polymers since 2006?

Toxicologist Dr Hildy Staninger found polyamide proteins which is nylon in her chemical analysis of brain chips and self assembly nanotechnology filaments from Morgellons patients and Targeted Individuals with brain implants in 2011.

GLOBAL BRAIN CHIP AND MESOGENS Nano Machines for Ultimate Control of False Memories – Computer System For Collective Mind Control

Could the extreme increase in the amount of self assembly polymers found in the placentas have to do with the roll out of C19 bioweapons? What did Bill Gates say? Lets listen to this little clip Maria Zeee played at our last interview:

This is the patent that Bill Gates explains and Karen Kingston discusses – it happens to have an agent of bio-warfare, a chemical toxin or hazardous environmental agent (Morgellons? ) in it:


These are again the plastic polymers found in every placenta:

Please note the polyethylene terephthalate. Phthalates are plastic softeners used for Polyvinyl plastics and can be breakdown products of other polymers. All of the polymers above are listed as stealth nano particles in the Moderna patent:

Here are the pthalates which are breakdown products of the above polymers that were found in a C19 Pfizer vial and given to me by Todd Callender:

Here is the Harvard analysis of Morgellons filaments showing terephtalates polymers:

Here are the self assembly polymer found in placenta tissue with the top amounts as polyethylene, polyvinyl and Nylon, all of which Clifford Carnicom and I have found as previously mentioned.

The same polymers have also been found in the myo- and pericardium since the C19 bioweapon roll out – literally inside the heart muscle. It is self evident to correlate that with the C19 induced myocarditis vax injury.

Humans Turning Into Cyborgs: Scientific Article On “Detection of Various Microplastics in Patients Undergoing Cardiac Surgery”

And remember Karen Kingston has explained since 2021 that the spike protein that doctors are talking about is technology, not produced by mRNA reverse transcription, which explains why we did not find mRNA in the C19 vials. The spike protein is a genetically engineered device that changes configuration with external electric fields.

Since the spike protein is transported by a hydrogel Quantum Dot polymer, as NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins explained:

NIH Directors Blog: Speeding COVID-19 Drug Discovery with Quantum Dots

This again corroborates what Clifford Carnicom and I found – inducing self assembly of these technological bioweapons via moderate electrical fields:

Unvaccinated Blood Unrecognizable After Application Of Low Level Electrical Current And Structures Rapidly Grow – Clifford Carnicom’s Findings Confirmed

What scientists in the literature insist on calling microplastics – supposedly because we use too much plastic and pollute the environment – is self assembly nanotechnology that was deployed via geoengineering warfare operations first for the transformation of the earth biosphere and the technology was then evolved into smart dust surveillance technology to now the C19 bioweapon brain computer interface and human fusion with synthetic biology.

The long term survival rate of a human being being composed of indefinitely self replicating polymer plastics in my view is not very long, since these toxic chemicals cause endocrine disruption and extreme oxidative stress, hence accelerated aging, turbo cancers and more. And yes, people are turning into Cyborg at alarming rates.

I have written extensively about why we should use the antidotes documented in the patents to prevent self assembly and disable technology building blocks.


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