School board spends $1,600 for drag queen conference in school

School board spends $1,600 for drag queen conference in school
School board spends $1,600 for drag queen conference in school

In a shocking revelation, ‘woke’ school boards are spending taxpayers’ money, which raises concerns about the state of the education system in Quebec. The system is plagued with issues such as teacher shortages, inadequate infrastructure, and neglect of essential facilities.

During recent election campaigns, the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) emphasized the urgent need to renovate primary and secondary schools, highlighting the significance of providing a healthy and high-quality learning environment for students. However, despite $700 million in investments, the percentage of schools in poor or very poor condition has risen from 53% to 61% in just one year, according to Radio-Canada.

capital school board’s establishment has spent an exorbitant expenditure of over $1600 for a one-hour and 35-minute conference. The speaker at this event was none other than Drag Queen Barbada, also known as Sébastien Potvin. The astronomical amount spent on inviting a drag queen to address students during lunchtime has sparked outrage among concerned citizens.

Numerous parents expressed their astonishment at the excessive cost. “The prices are exorbitant for something we see frequently,” remarked a father passing by.

“I understand the need to pay them, but the price is exaggerated. I have no issue with drag queens and storytelling, but such a high amount is simply too much,” voiced a mother in disbelief.

The allocation of funds has raised concerns, particularly considering the economic crisis affecting many people. A pregnant woman shared her worries, stating, “I believe that’s a significant amount of money, especially when there are housing shortages and many people in need.”

The infiltration of “wokism” in schools with the introduction of gender theory, drag queens, and trans kids lives matter has further fueled the controversy. While governments are increasing investments to promote a more “WOKE” education, the education system itself continues to crumble.

A concerned father voiced his apprehension, highlighting the potential risks involved:

Imagine a child being influenced by a drag queen at twelve years old, deciding to change their gender without proper guidance. The law allows them to do as they please at a certain age, but what happens when they face physical complications at eighteen? Who was there at thirteen to guide them and offer alternatives?

Given that this conference was offered during lunchtime on a voluntary basis, it is highly doubtful that parents were adequately informed or that parental consent was obtained. Multiple attempts to contact the school in question were made, but they failed to respond.

“I would have consulted the parents, but I am certain that many would have rejected the idea for $1600,” commented a father, reflecting parental concerns.

The excessive spending on controversial conferences and the lack of transparency have raised questions about the priorities of WOKE school boards. As parents and concerned citizens demand answers, the education system faces further scrutiny for its questionable practices.

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