Syrian Migrant Gets Just 60 Hours Of Community Service For Touching Up FOUR Kids At Pool

The children are psychologically damaged but the asylum seeker is not in prison

Syrian Migrant Gets Just 60 Hours Of Community Service For Touching Up FOUR Kids At Pool
Syrian Migrant Gets Just 60 Hours Of Community Service For Touching Up FOUR Kids At Pool
8th March 2024

In a remarkable story out of Holland, a Syrian asylum seeker has been handed a punishment of just 60 hours of community service despite being found guilty of sexually assaulting four 11-year-old girls in a swimming pool.

Remix News has the report, noting that the number of people who said the man assaulted them was even higher.

“A total of 10 young girls and women filed police reports concerning the behaviour of the 29-year-old migrant who targeted and groped visitors of the swimming complex in Zandvoort on Feb. 19, 2023,” the report notes.

Dutch outlet Hart van Nederland reported how the man groped the buttocks of some of the young girls, while others stated the migrant clamped his legs around their waists and gyrated his genitals against their bodies.

CCTV footage reviewed by police showed the man repeatedly making a beeline for young girls in the swimming pool at a Center Parcs resort.

While the victims and their families detailed how the attack has left them psychologically scarred and anxiety ridden, the migrant’s lawyer claimed that the incident was not sexually motivated because the man is gay, despite having a wife and daughter.

A Dutch court found the man guilty on four counts of sexual assault against a minor, but despite the prosecution pushing for a custodial prison sentence, the migrant was sentenced to just a two-year probation period and 60 hours of voluntary work.


Dutch conservative politician Geert Wilders, who won the general election in Holland last year, but has been unable to form a government, called for the migrant to be deported, noting “If that is not a reason to immediately throw an asylum seeker out of the country, then our country is lost.”

“Get rid of these kinds of people,” Wilders further urged.

On hearing of the verdict, Wilders urged “An asylum seeker who sexually assaulted four 11-year-old girls does not have to go to jail. That is totally unacceptable. Ten years on bread and water would be an appropriate punishment and even then I would be lenient.”

What the hell has the world come to when anyone, let alone a non-citizen of the country in which the crime was committed, is basically free to grope children without punishment?

What do you think?

Written by Colin

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