Planned Invasion

Unvaccinated nurses are leaving their posts will millions are coming in across the boarder.

Unvaxxed Nurses Leaving in the Millions
Unvaxxed Nurses Leaving in the Millions

Joe is losing patience with the unvaccinated, why does he keep importing them with no mandate for them to be vaccinated?


Sending in Migrants During a Medical Collapse.  

In a video released to social media, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) shows thousands of undocumented immigrants who have amassed beneath the Del Rio bridge, and in which he blames their arrival on President Biden.

You have to ask yourself could there be this many things going wrong in our world today that they are all a coincidence? No the crashing of the boarders around the world are for a purpose. The biggest fear is not some Pandemic of the unvaccinated, its the pandemic of the drugs flowing into the countries, the destruction of every way of medicinal support. Now we have thousands and possibly millions of healthcare workers refusing to get this Genocidal shot in the arm, but now to try to support an influx of millions of migrants at the same time. WTF are we looking for SHTF like tomorrow.

There is no way out of this at this point. But for those that are awake, GET READY FOR SHIT HITS THE FAN soon. Get your groups ready, several points of rendezvous, supplies, self defence capabilities what ever they can be that best suit you, and really get ready for a Zombie apocalypse to be in a city near you. Be Kind to one another, GET OUT AND PROTEST. If you are wondering what is going on with your blood after the Jab.

What do you think?

Written by Colin

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