Military to undergo ‘simulated extreme heat’ training in Ontario, will include public ‘wellness’ checks

Opinion: When the Plandemic started 4 years ago I asked people what will you think when you start seeing the Military on Canadian streets. Now we are going to start seeing them in uniform on the streets of Canada. Soon foreign nationals will be able to join our military.

Posted Thursday, April 25, 2024
Canadian Armed Forces Training

The 31 Canadian Brigade Group (Canadian Armed Forces) are conducting training in the Bruce and Huron Counties May 3-5, 2024, including conducting wellness checks and setting up a cooling centre in Walkerton. This exercise will enhance interoperability with governmental departments, working together to respond to a simulated extreme heat scenario. Members of the public will see the deployment of Domestic Response Companies and Territorial Battalion Group sustainment equipment, and vehicles to validate the ability to deploy and sustain in real time. This realistic training exercise involves soldiers conducting fire training, wellness checks, simulated search and rescue operations, cooling center establishment, as well as other related activities.

All measures are being taken to ensure minimum inconvenience to those in the area. Members of the public are asked to take extra caution if approaching military vehicles and troops and are thanked in advance for their understanding and cooperation.

Questions can be directed to 31 Canadian Brigade Group Public Affairs Officer, Lt Paul Verheye at

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