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Covid19 was made up in a lab. And Fauci is the Evil Doctor. How, Who, and What is going on in China and the USA.

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Fauci is a War Criminal.

What You Don’t Know About Dr. Tony Fauci

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Dr. Peter Duesberg is a professor of molecular and cell biology at the University of California at Berkeley.

He is a pioneer in retrovirus research and the first scientist to isolate a cancer gene. He has been a recipient of an Outstanding Investigator Grant from the National Institutes of Health.

He has had a long-running battle with the medical establishment over HIV and AIDS. In 1996, he wrote a book, Inventing the AIDS Virus, where he discusses his battle, the techniques used by his opponents in promoting their view of the cause of AIDS and their aggressive attempts to block out, in the media and elsewhere, his perspective.

President Trump’s COVID-19 adviser, Tony Fauci (pictured), plays a feature role in Duesberg’s book and it pays to revisit the book now given Fauci’s latest notoriety and his seeming strong influence over President Trump and his COVID-19 policy.

Below are snippets from the Duesberg book. Keep in mind the book was published 24-years ago, although it seems not much had changed in Fauci’s coziness with the media and his modus operandi of shady data claims and shady science.

He learned his domineering “damn the science play to the media” from Robert Gallo (pictured below):

The announcement was made prior to the publication of any scientific evidence confirming the virus theory. With this unprecedented maneuver, Gallo’s discovery bypassed review by the scientific community. Science by press conference was submitted for the conventional process of scientific validation which is based on publications in the professional literature…

The only questions to be studied from 1984 on were how HIV causes AIDS what can be done about it. The scientists directing his search, included Robert Gallo, David Baltimore and Anthony Fauci, had previously risen to the top of the biomedical research establishment as experts on viruses or contagious diseases. Naturally the virologist chose to employ their familiar logic and tools, rather than dropping their old habits to meet new challenges when AIDS appeared in 1981.

And make no question, even back then Fauci was thought of as an establishment power broker:

Both [Sam Broder and Fauci] were power brokers of the AIDS establishment to whom [Joseph] Sonnabend had finally become acceptable.

It appears that Magic Johnson ditched Fauci advice after it made him sick:

 In November 1991, Magic Johnson proved to be HIV-positive when he applied for a marriage license. Magic was totally healthy, until AIDS specialist Anthony Fauci from the NIH, David Ho, now director of the Aaron Diamond AIDS research center in New York, and Magic’s personal doctor advised AIDS prophylaxis with AZT. Magic’s health changed radically within a few days. The press wrote in December 1991: “Magic seeing his worst nightmare comes through – – he’s getting sicker.” Only after he began taking AZT did Magic’s health begin to decline…but then suddenly Magic’s symptoms disappeared–and so did all the news about his symptoms and treatment… Magic responded to a teacher that “he had been taking AZT for a while, but had stopped.” The media preferred not to mention the news.

Fauci did some shady renaming to keep his AIDS theory strong:

 The literature includes more than 4,621 clinically diagnosed AIDS cases that are all HIV-free. To cover up the discrepancy with the overwhelming correlation, HIV-free AIDS cases were renamed in 1992 as idiopathic CD4 lymphocytpenia cases by the CDC and Anthony Fauci.

And then there was the Fauci BIG lie:

But even four years after its approval for human consumption, Anthony Fauci, director for AIDS research at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, stated to the New York Times “ddI has never been compared with a placebo in a large study.”

And the BIG Fauci misleading boast:

 Fauci’s own Nature paper, boasting large amounts of virus in AIDS patients, actually analyzed just three patients who showed only tiny amounts of dormant HIV genes, even in the lymph nodes, and no infection virus at all.

Here’s Fauci as the behind the scenes media operator:

The story repeated itself twice with the Cable News Network (CNN). The second time, for example, a film crew flew out to interview Duesberg, planning to broadcast a half hour special during the 1991 International AIDS conference in Italy. Once again the show was killed at the last minute, and a shorter version only a couple of minutes long reached the airways long after the conferences were over.

A similar plan to interview Duesberg  by a national Italian television was also killed during the conference. One of the “killers” proudly identified himself in a letter to Nature: “Refuse television confrontations with Duesberg as Tony Fauci and one of us managed to do at the opening of the VIII International Conference on AIDS in Florence.”

The Larry King program, carried on CNN, scheduled a half-hour satellite interview with Duesberg for August 6th 1992. Suspicious that something might have gone awry Duesberg called the producer a few hours before the live broadcast. Sorry, she told him something urgent had just come up regarding the election. Duesberg turned on the television that evening discovered that he had been replaced not by an election issue, but by Fauci and the president of AMfar… On April 4th 1994 Duesberg got a second chance to make his case on national television. This time it would be on Ted Koppel’s Nightline, which had promised it would be Fauci proof…But when the program finally aired in a few months after taping, there was Fauci again. After 15 minutes for the dissidents… Fauci took over the balance of the time debating Root-Bernstein live on co-factors for HIV. Clearly, Fauci proves to be a faithful stand in for Duesberg-AIDS television programs, and he certainly can be counted on when it comes to AIDS thought control.

And most despicable here is the breakdown of Fauci testing pregnant women with a dangerous drug (He used heroin-addicted pregnant mothers)  and then proclaiming the testing a success before the full original trial was completed as planned. Lancet exploded over this dangerous and shady operation

A second more disturbing announcement reached the public in the summer of 1989. NIAID, the NIH division under Anthony Fauci, declared it would be conducting trials of AZT in pregnant mothers infected with HIV. A drug that interferes with growth can lead only to physical deformities in babies developing in the womb…However to prescribe a known mutagenic drug to a pregnant woman was a risky departure from the foremost medical principle, “First, do no harm.”…

In February 1994, Fauci’s American-French trial on pregnant woman was abruptly terminated. Fauci  and his collaborators claimed victory because AZT had reduced “material HIV transmission rate by 2/3” — from 25% without treatment to 8% with AZT treatment… [But] In view of the possible genetic damage from AZT, Fauci acknowledged “long-term follow up of all of the children…is essential to learn more about the risks and benefits beyond their encouraging results.”…

After declating victory against HIV transmission, the double-blind trials were officially broken prematurely and AZT was offered to all mothers…

An editorial in Lancet did not share Faucet’s optimisim: “The most worrisome aspect is the possibility of long-term adverse effects of children exposed to Zidovudine (AZT) during fetal life, especially since the vast majority wouldn’t have been infected anyway.”

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