Exposing the Pedophile Employed by Children’s Health Defense

Children's Health Defense

Riley Vuyovich is the Production Manager of Children’s Health Defense TV.

Unfortunately, Riley is (was?) also a proud pedophile.

Years before she was hired by CHD, Riley was obsessed with pedophilia—tweeting hundreds of times about raping infants and glorifying incest. She even openly described herself as a pedophile.

NOTE: Our main concern is always for the children, the potential victims of pedophilia and child abuse. Our second concern is that the good work of CHD could be tainted by employing someone who believes “jokes” about pedophilia and incest on Twitter are acceptable.

Warning: Graphic Content Below

Riley’s BFF: Jeremy Loffredo (more on him below)

Since these shocking and disgusting tweets were discovered, Riley has made her account private. Luckily, we were able to screenshot and archive several.

Note: this is just the tip of the iceberg. Several other pedophiles were interacting with Riley’s tweets and approving of the content. We encourage you to continue digging. Hundreds of tweets and several of those accounts no longer exist. Riley’s other handles were @Haus_of_riley, @titsm0nster, and @Spit___Bubbles.

Riley’s Music Video Features Pedophile Symbol

Screenshot from music video for “The Oath” by Spy Riley

Riley’s BFF Jeremy Loffredo is Also a Pedophile

Jeremy Loffredo currently works as an Investigative Journalist for The Grayzone. From July 2019 to August 2021, he worked for RT under the title of Broadcast Journalist, Segment Producer. He was also the Investigative Producer of Rebel News from February 2022 to January 2023.

Some of you may remember when Jack Posobiec revealed Jeremy as a pedophile on Twitter last year.

We hope these additional pieces to the story—that Jeremy’s best friend Riley is a pedophile and is currently the producer of Children’s Health Defense TV—paints a clearer picture for you.

Again, there is a LOT more where this all came from. Curiously, Riley also happened to be obsessed with Marina “Spirit Cooking” Abramović, Lady Gaga, and the occult at the time.


Are you feeling nauseous yet?

An organization with children in their name should ABSOLUTELY NOT employ a pedophile like Riley. There is no excuse. This is not acceptable.

We demand that CHD immediately fire Riley Vuyovich.

If you want to help, please call CHD at 404-941-6515‬ and tell them to stop employing pedophiles like Riley Vuyovich. You can also email them here.

UPDATE 10:25pm EST: Riley issued a response on Twitter. See images below.

Our response: You’d be hard pressed to find anyone, even a teen, who would be comfortable repeatedly “joking” in that way. Is it enough to take someone’s word or is it safer for them to not be currently working in a role involving children? People donate millions of dollars to Children’s Health Defense and she kept those tweets there for anyone to see. Did Riley not consider she may be a liability?

What do you think?

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