Doctor Who Questioned COVID Response Ordered to Pay $1 Million in Legal Costs After Losing Libel Case

Doctor Who Questioned COVID Response Ordered to Pay $1 Million in Legal Costs After Losing Libel Case
Doctor Who Questioned COVID Response Ordered to Pay $1 Million in Legal Costs After Losing Libel Case

Dr. Kulvinder Kaur Gill, a pediatrician from Brampton Ontario who became well known for her criticism of the government’s response to COVID-19, has been ordered to pay $1 million in legal costs after her libel suit was struck down earlier this year.

The costs are related to a $12-million legal action the physician brought, alleging libel against a group of 23 doctors, academics, a former president of the Ontario Medical Association, and reporters from several news outlets. The case was dismissed in February. Gill is appealing that dismissal.

Justice Elizabeth Stewart ruled this week that Gill must pay the defendants as much as $1.1 million in legal costs. A portion of the costs must also be paid by Dr. Ashvinder Kaur Lambda, who also sued some of the same individuals.

Gill’s lawyer, Jeff Saikaley, told the National Post that both the loss of the libel action and the costs award are being appealed.

Gill first filed the libel action in late 2020, specifying comments other doctors, professors, and journalists had made on Twitter that she said were libellous.

Gill’s statement of claim said, “The individual defendants, like a pack of hyenas, attempted and in fact coordinated a circling of [Gill] to literally destroy her career and reputation.”

‘Against the COVID Narrative’

Throughout COVID-19, Gill was one of a number of physicians and medical professionals who disagreed with the government’s official messaging on the pandemic.

For example, Gill tweeted at points that hydroxychloroquine was effective in treating COVID-19, in her view. She tweeted about T-Cell immunity, and mentioned research from other medical and scientific researchers with similar viewpoints.

She also tweeted about global scientific opinions that highlighted viewpoints that lockdowns were dangerous and had foreseeable consequences on economic, health, and overall public welfare. Gill also questioned the efficacy of the new COVID-19 shots.

On Aug. 4, 2020, Gill tweeted her opinion: “There is absolutely no medical or scientific reason for this prolonged, harmful and illogical lockdown.”

Gill said she was discredited by other physicians and the media over her viewpoints. She faces ongoing disciplinary action by the provincial regulatory body for alleged misinformation—including warning her that her social media posts stating the vaccine was unnecessary and lockdowns unjustified—presented a potential risk to public health.

Gill appeared before a review board on Oct. 12, where her lawyer, Lisa Bildy, argued the complaints made against Gill were not related to any patient complaint, but rather, the doctor “shared scientific studies and opinions on her social media account which go against the COVID narrative preferred by these complainants.”

On Oct.13., the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) filed a notice of hearing for Gill to appear before a disciplinary tribunal, for engaging in “disgraceful, dishonourable or unprofessional conduct,” in relation to her alleged communications on COVID-19.

All of the actions taken by the CPSO are listed as under appeal.

Gill’s lawyer Jeff Saikaley did not respond to a request for comment by press time.

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