Dem State Sen Reneges on Law He Helped Pass, Complains Its Unconstitutional

Opinion: Seems he has a salty past with no regrets to his actions from the short video clips on him. But he also did this to go after President Trump. Is it tit for tat or is he criminally responsible?

Brooklyn state senator Kevin Parker has lodged a claim asserting the unconstitutionality of a law that facilitated the advancement of a rape lawsuit against him.

Parker now contends that the Adult Survivors Act, which he once voted for and boasted about, violates constitutional principles, despite his previous support for the legislation.

The New York Post reported that court documents filed this month show that Parker, known for his fiery demeanor, has formally denied the rape accusations leveled against him.

His denial, however, extends beyond personal rebuttals, as he challenges the legality of the very law that enables legal action in such cases.

The now-defunct Adult Survivors Act had granted alleged victims a window to pursue civil litigation against their alleged perpetrators, even if the statute of limitations had expired on their claims, the Post reported.

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