Culture of Death: After Inserting Abortion in the Constitution, France’s Macron Goes All in for Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide in New Legislative Push

Opinion: It You Didn’t Believe In God Before You Must Believe In The Devil Now.

France’s Macron Goes All in for Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide in New Legislative Push
France’s Macron Goes All in for Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide in New Legislative Push
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Cuban state hops on the Death Express, copying the absolute worst of the Western society’s policies in a ‘proud’ move.

All around the world, Euthanasia and assisted suicide are gaining ground as the sanctity of life is increasingly ignored – and the Cuban dictatorship would not be left out.

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For years, we have been fed lies about how great medicine and health care were in Cuba. But now we see that the same Satanic policies afflicting some liberal Western societies are also at play in the prison island of the Castro brothers.

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Cuba became the second country in Latin America to authorize euthanasia, following Colombia. They are ‘updating’ their legislation in a probable bid to diminish the costs with patients by simply killing them off.

Reuters reported:

“The Communist-run country’s National Assembly passed the measure as part of legislation updating the nation’s legal framework for its universal and free healthcare system.

“The right of people to a dignified death is recognized in end-of-life decisions, which may include the limitation of therapeutic effort, continuous or palliative care, and valid procedures that end life,” the final draft of the legislation stated.”

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I won’t deny it’s at least some consolation to see ‘progressive’ Reuters admit and emphasize in its reporting that Euthanasia and medically assisted suicide are prohibited by most religions and are allowed by only a few countries while many equate it with murder.

According to the agency, the Cuban Roman Catholic Church ‘was not immediately available for comment’. It’s not to be expected much of a pushback from it.

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And also, the ‘proud’ medical profession comes forth in support, and you bet they call someone specialized in ‘bioethics’ – what a sick joke.

“At Havana’s Institute of Oncology and Radiobiology, the country’s leading cancer center, Dr. Alberto Roque, who has a masters in bioethics, welcomed the measure and said it established the ‘legal framework for future euthanasia in any of its forms, that is, active euthanasia or assisted suicide’.

[…] Switzerland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Canada, Australia, Spain, Germany, New Zealand and some states in the United States also allow euthanasia and, in some of these countries, medically assisted suicide where there is great suffering but no terminal illness.”

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