COVID Vaccine An Unprecedented “Experiment”

COVID Vaccine An Unprecedented “Experiment” on Humanity, Warns Dr. Madej

Dr Speaks about MRNA Vaccines
Dr Speaks about MRNA Vaccines

In this interview with The New American magazine’s Senior Editor Alex Newman, internationally known medical doctor Carrie Madej explains the enormous and in many cases unknown risks of the mRNA COVID “vaccines” that are being injected into people all across the globe. In short, this is a giant global experiment, with everyone taking the experimental shots participating in something unprecedented in human history. Dr. Madej also warns that these shots include code and nanotechnology that will have drastic effects on the functioning of the body, the immune system, and even the human cell. “You will literally be making part of this virus in your body,” she said. “This has never happened in the history of humanity.” She also warned that, because these shots are not approved by the FDA, people should consult their life-insurance policy before taking a shot, since it may not pay out if you die. There is also a risk of infertility as the immune system is trained to target particular elements of the reproductive system. “We need to put a moratorium on this,” she said.

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COVID Vaccine An Unprecedented “Experiment” on Humanity, Warns Dr. Madej

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