China bans UK MPs over Uyghur sanctions; China: woman protesting H&M stopped by police

Another step closer towards authoritarianism in Hong Kong.

China UK Sanctions -
China UK Sanctions -

The sanction war between Europe and China reaches a new high. Beijing is now expanding its sanctions to UK citizens. Up to 15 Chinese embassies in Europe are now protesting against their host countries’ governments — all over human rights issues in Xinjiang. A photo showcased by China’s foreign ministry spokeswoman is found to be fake. She said it depicted 19th century black slaves in America picking cotton, as evidence of U.S. hypocrisy. But the photo’s real backstory says otherwise. Another step closer towards authoritarianism in Hong Kong. Now, a court rules simply talking about Hong Kong’s protests could be considered a crime. And what’s behind the Chinese Communist regime’s increasing aggression lately? An expert argues the CCP believes the time has come to change the world order. 00:00 Intro 00:51 China bans UK MPs over Uyghur sanctions 04:30 Chinese embassies protest EU sanctions 05:00 China used fake ‘slavery’ photo to shift blame 06:04 China: woman protesting H&M stopped by police 07:06 Social media posts voice support for Xinjiang 07:46 Chinese brands take sides over Xinjiang cotton 08:37 Chinese hackers target Uyghurs via Facebook 09:06 Expert: CCP thinks it can outlive the west 12:20 Biden on China: competition, not confrontation 14:11 HK court to criminalize talks about protests 15:04 Taiwan mass producing long-range missiles 15:57 Crowds gather at Wuhan cemeteries 17:52 Chinese phone maker to make electric cars 19:08 China winning telecom race: industry CEO

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