Are We Repeating History? Watch the Real Modern Nazis of Today!

The Plandemic is What Hitler Dreamed of, Watch Why

The Great Reset is a Nazi Plan
The Great Reset is a Nazi Plan

My things is the little things that add up to big things. You have Projects that is led by JHCHS (1998) You have DW, AS, LX, CC, and more. You have little things like it takes 4 years to make a vaccine, they did it within 6 month (Red Flag), You even have Lysol spray in January 2020 that it was good for the Covid-19 Virus (so, right there they were planning in June of 2019. They called the vaccine gene therapy and biotechnological therapy for the mass. Just like most dictator would want until 2035. American and the world government are gone. People will arise, if they are strong enough against the few and the proud.

Written by Colin


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