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20 Federal Agents Storm Home of ‘Anti-Vax’ Doctor’s Home and Throw Her in Prison for Two Months Over J6 Trespassing Charge

20 Federal Agents Storm Home of ‘Anti-Vax’ Doctor’s Home and Throw Her in Prison for Two Months Over J6 Trespassing Charge
20 Federal Agents Storm Home of ‘Anti-Vax’ Doctor’s Home and Throw Her in Prison for Two Months Over J6 Trespassing Charge

Twenty federal agents raided the home of prominent vaccine mandate critic and America’s Frontline Doctor founder Dr. Simone Gold before she was sentenced to prison for two months in connection with a January 6 trespassing charge.

“A federal judge on Thursday sentenced Simone Gold, the founder of the anti-vaccine group America’s Frontline Doctors, to 60 days in prison for trespassing in the U.S. Capitol during the Jan. 6, 2021 attack, blasting her for using her legal woes to raise $430,000 for herself and her organization,” the Washington Post earlier reported.

“U.S. District Judge Christopher R. Cooper said that Gold, who pleaded guilty in March, failed to show remorse or accept responsibility for her actions during the riot,” the report continued. “He noted she had claimed in an interview with The Washington Post that “’where I was was incredibly peaceful,’ when video showed that the emergency room physician and Stanford-trained attorney did nothing as a mob she was with dragged a police officer to the ground.”

“The judge also called it a ‘disservice to the true victims that day’ that Gold has given supporters the ‘misimpression’ she was politically persecuted for giving a speech, and raised $430,000 for her personal and organization expenses,” the Post added.

“January 6 was about a lot of things, but it was not about the First Amendment, and it was certainly not about covid treatment or vaccines,” Cooper said. But Dr. Gold refuted the judge’s assertions and acknowledged she should not have entered the Capitol building.


“I was misguided. I should not have entered,” Gold said, “Everything I did on January 6, misguided or not, was consistent with my effort to do my best for people.”

The judge editorialized in misleading fashion about the consequences of January 6.

“I have heard a lot about how you are not able to fly,” Cooper said, “but I haven’t heard anything about the five people who died. The four people who committed suicide afterward.”


The only person who was directly killed by the events of January 6 was Ashli Babbitt, who was an unarmed Trump supporter who was shot at point blank range by Lt. Michael Byrd. It is judicial malpractice to assign guilt to a defendant for a crime that he or she did not commit.

It certainly is political to hold prisoners indefinitely without trial, as the Constitution promises all of the accused, and was a right that civil rights attorneys fought to defend on behalf of deadly terrorists following 9/11. And it is an abuse of law enforcement to send in 20 federal agents to apprehend a defendant who is not dangerous and has not been shown to be a flight risk.

Throughout the aftermath of January 6, the Department of Justice has wantonly violated the rights of defendants to receive a speedy trial. They are effectively holding political prisoners, in some cases over misdemeanors.

In addition, it has failed to release potentially exculpatory evidence in the form of 14,000 hours of surveillance footage. Even worse, the FBI abused the FISA court for mass warrantless surveillance, thereby proving that the bureau knew months in advance a Capitol riot was a major possibility.

In addition, the Democrats trampled on executive privilege and intercepted journalists’ communications — adding further to the flagrant injustice. The aftermath of the Capitol riots on January 6 are proving to be a graver danger to American democracy than the Capitol riots themselves.

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