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Uniformed Soldiers Forcibly Inject Elderly Man and Woman With COVID-19 Vaccine

Uniformed Soldiers Forcibly Inject Elderly Man
Uniformed Soldiers Forcibly Inject Elderly Man

Showing uniformed soldiers holding down and forcibly vaccinating a terrified elderly man in Jharkhand, India as he begs them not to.

The same group is seen taking captive and forcibly injecting an elderly woman in another video. More footage of forced jabbing in India can be found in the comments ( of this post.

Whatever happened to informed consent? How many times has this happened when there’s no camera recording?

Wherever you are from, it’s easy to say “this could never happen here,” but it’s exactly what some in the ruling class want. For example: In August, the Washington Post called (

for private mercenaries in the U.S. to carry out forced COVID-19 vaccinations. In November, CNBC host Jim Cramer demanded ( that President Biden impose a nationwide vaccine mandate on every American enforced by the U.S. military.

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