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CDC Admits It Faked 99% of COVID Deaths To Scare Public Into Taking Vaccine

CDC Admits It Faked 99% of COVID Deaths To Scare Public Into Taking Vaccine
CDC Admits It Faked 99% of COVID Deaths To Scare Public Into Taking Vaccine

The CDC has just quietly admitted that over 99% of reported “Covid deaths” were faked in order to scare the public into taking the experimental Covid jab.

Newly released data from the CDC reveals that most recorded fatalities that were blanket-blamed on Covid were caused by something else.

According to the CDC’s Covid dashboard, just 1.7% of the 324 “Covid deaths” registered in the week ending August 19 had Covid as the primary cause of death.

Disturbingly, the vast majority of people who were labeled as “Covid deaths” actually died of other causes such as cancer and heart disease – many of which could have been caused by the Covid jab itself. reports: Separate data from the agency shows that, so far in August, the largest cause of death in the U.S. has been cancer, followed by heart disease.

This latest admission from the CDC means that only a fraction of the claimed number of American lives are being lost directly to the virus each week.

According to the CDC’s own data, 99 percent of “Covid deaths” have been faked.

The primary or underlying cause of death is the disease, situation, or event that initiated the chain of events directly resulting in death, as notes.

Complications arising from the primary cause are usually considered secondary causes when doctors register a death certificate.

For instance, Covid could be listed as a secondary cause of death when the virus puts too much stress on a person with a pre-existing heart condition.

In this case, the primary cause of death would be heart disease, with Covid listed as a contributing cause.

Therefore, the number of healthy people who died from Covid alone is incredibly small as almost all of the recorded deaths were people with underlying conditions.

This news comes as the corporate media continues to hype a recent rise in Covid cases across the country.

Recently detected variants EG.5, or Eris, and BA.8.26, or Pirola, have been found in several countries and the U.S.

The media has been warning that these variants, highly mutated, are thought to be better at avoiding vaccines and natural immunity, causing more infections.

Infections have reportedly doubled across the U.S. amid the emergence of these variants, and hospital admissions among people with the virus have risen for the fifth week in a row.

However, the fearmonging reports often fail to mention that “Covid deaths” are not rising.

Nevertheless, the uptick in cases is leading to calls for the return of mask mandates and other Covid restrictions.

Hollywood movie studio Lionsgate reinforced mask mandates at its Santa Monica, California offices last week.

However, just several days later following a backlash, the studio lifted the mandate and claimed it had got the situation “under control.”

Similarly, Rutgers University in New Jersey and Morris Brown College in Georgia announced that face masks would be required for staff and students.

Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Santa Rosa, California, and Upstate Community Hospital in Syracuse, New York, also reinstated mask mandates for doctors, nurses, patients, and visitors.

In Kentucky, the Lee County School District canceled classes less than two weeks after opening because nearly one-fifth of its students were out sick with a “tripledemic” illness, including Covid, strep throat, and the flu.

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