Catholic Charity Admits Receiving Money From Biden Administration to Traffic Illegals Across U.S.

The leader of the Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley (CCRGV) has admitted their organization is taking federal money to traffic illegal aliens across the U.S. after they invade the border.

Catholic Charity Admits Receiving Money From Biden Administration
Catholic Charity Admits Receiving Money From Biden Administration

“We got lucky to be reimbursed for some of the efforts that we have been doing for so long and that’s good and that is taxpayer money,” said Sister Norma Pimentel, who works as CCRGV executive director.

“I don’t know the exact numbers right now because we are still talking because the reimbursement is not 100 percent given to us yet. It is just something that we have submitted to. We have requested like a little over a million dollars. But I don’t know that we have received it 100 percent, but yes, it’s possible that we could even get more but we’re working on that,” Pimentel added.

Pimentel admitted that her organization has even bought plane rides for illegal aliens to help them spread across the country, further contributing to the demographic demise of America.

Big League

“We definitely encourage for the family to be able to come up with that ticket, with that transportation, and so we’ll wait to make sure that happens,” Pimentel said, adding that they encourage the families of illegals to buy their own plane tickets in order to invade America but that they do fund the plane rides in certain instances.

Big League Politics has reported on how the Biden regime has caused one of the worst border disasters in U.S. history due to their lax policies:

The Biden regime is attempting to deny compensation to illegal aliens who are demanding payoffs after allegedly being separated from families at the border.

The Department of Justice is arguing in court that the illegals allegedly separated from their families do not deserve to be compensated in a move that is sure to enrage far-left social interest groups who hoped the Biden administration would do their bidding on this matter. They are expected to make similar arguments in upcoming lawsuits as well.

“At issue in this case is whether adults who entered the country without authorization can challenge the federal government’s enforcement of federal immigration laws,” the briefing reads. “They cannot.”

The Biden administration has set up a task force in an attempt to placate the illegals whose families were allegedly separated. However, it is in major dispute as to whether or not these were actually families who were separated.”

The Biden regime is not just allowing the third-world migrant invasion with lax border policies, but also are subsidizing the relocation of illegal aliens across America through the direct funding of NGOs engaged in trafficking operations. Sister Pimentel should be ashamed of herself.

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