VIRAL LOAD vs COVID 19 – HIV Viral Load vs Covid19 Viral load – Stop The Madness & Wake Up People

Sept 08 2020 – We here the same sets of lies from our Government, Where is the Real Media?

Viral load & Transmission
Viral load & Transmission

Would you be more afraid of HIV or Covid19, lets pit in perspective the viral load of diseases and the effects of viral load and the ability to pass it on to get others sick. Is Covid19 being hyped up in the media knowing that the CDC comes out with numbers of 6% for actually deaths, and that the CDC comes out and says the tests are not accurate up to 90%. And the news keeps spinning the story. Who is behind this and why keep running a story with a benign virus for 95% of the population and those that are getting sick are already sick and close to death in 99% of the cases. This is madness and a pure power grab by politicians

Written by Colin


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