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Justice Centre gives Ontario final warning over vaxx passports

TORONTO: The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms has issued a legal warning letter to the Ontario Government on behalf of four clients demanding the vaccine passport mandate be revoked immediately. The law requires Ontarians as young as 12 to provide proof of two doses of the Covid mRNA vaccination as of September 22, 2021, or be denied access to a wide range of businesses and organizations, including field trips to city facilities. The Justice Centre has notified the Province that it will file a legal action should Ontario fail to halt its unconstitutional discrimination against those who have not yet chosen to receive the experimental vaccines.

Since the vaccine passport has been announced, the Justice Centre has received hundreds of emails from Ontarians concerned about loss of employment, loss of ability to worship, and denial of access to restaurants, bars, gyms, sporting events, meeting and event spaces, and more, unless they show proof of their confidential medical status of vaccination.

Ontario’s Ministry of Health has stated that the government will only recognize two medical exemptions for vaccine passports: one for those who are allergic to an ingredient in the vaccine, with verification provided by an allergist, and another for those who experienced myocarditis or pericarditis after the first dose of a vaccine. There has been no provision for exemptions based on religion and creed, both protected grounds under the Charter and Human Rights Act.

Covid mRNA vaccination shots are new, with no long-term safety profile, and clinical trials will not be complete until 2023. As such, the Covid shots are experimental. Canadians have the right to informed consent, and the right to be fully informed about the side effects of the Covid vaccine, which has known side effects. The vaccine manufacturers have stated there is no data on the vaccine’s effects on fertility, or their safety for pregnant women or children. Emerging data unequivocally establishes that the Delta variant spreads freely in the fully vaccinated population, and there are emerging links to miscarriages in pregnant women and a demonstrated risk of heart inflammation in teenage males.

On their face, vaccine passports are an infringement of Canadians’ constitutionally protected rights to freedom of conscience, the right to liberty and security of the person, and the right to be equal before the law. Based on these guarantees, every Canadian has the right to bodily autonomy and to decide what medical procedure to accept or reject. The demand letter asserts that mandatory vaccination for Covid constitutes a significant, unwarranted and profound infringement on the rights of Canadians that cannot be justified in a free and democratic society.

“Section 7 of the Charter guarantees the right to liberty and security of the person. Ontarians should not be coerced or pressured by the government into submitting to a medical intervention to which they do not consent. Informed consent and the right to bodily autonomy are two principles that our laws have long protected. It will be a tragedy to see Ontarians, including children, being coerced to take the vaccine, or else be socially marginalized,” says Jorge Pineda, Staff Lawyer at the Justice Centre.

Individuals who have not been vaccinated for a variety of reasons, including religious belief, creed, and medical issues or concerns over serious side effects, will effectively be segregated and marginalized. Their participation in society will become limited to what is deemed “essential” by the government.

“The new mandate will have the effect of segregating individuals and especially young children from mainstream society. Mandating a system that denies Canadian’s access to certain services that are arbitrarily defined as nonessential by the government creates a slippery slope, and sets a dangerous descent into a medical dictatorship,” notes Justice Centre staff lawyer Henna Parmar.

“If we do not put an end to these measures, we will be putting unlimited power in the hands of the government to dictate what medical care we receive, what drugs we take, and what privileges they will allow us that should be fundamental rights,” adds Ms. Parmar

Know Your Rights

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Please find attached the Know Your Rights handouts.  Feel free to share and edit the letters and Notices of Liability to fit your situation.

If you are a Business Owner feeling pressured to have a Covid Vaccine Policy in place, your policy can simply state the following, and/or reach out to us for a policy sign for your door to which you can attach the Laws that Protect Your Rights Summary:

“ We respect and follow the Rule of Law in Canada and as Such will honour Your Right To Privacy. We will NOT Participate in Segregation nor Discrimination.  Everyone is Welcome.”

The Notice of Liability can be switched out from naming school boards and employers to Sports Associations, Coaches, Trainers, Administrators, store managers etc.  Anyone who is violating your rights.  Remember to name individuals and not establishments.

The Criminal Code charges can also include Section 423 (1) Intimidation, Section 346 (1) Extortion, Section 264 (1) Uttering Threats and Section 265 (1) Assault for anyone that wants to “mandate/policy” a vaccine on to you. Section 318 (1) Hate Propaganda

NOTE: It is illegal to policy or mandate outside of the law, no one is exempt from the law and the law covers and protects everyone no matter union status, creed, religion, occupation, status in life.

If you need a letter specific to Post Secondary Education Facilities, we have one from the Liberty Coalition that is quite detailed and informative.

If you would like a NO TRESPASS sign for your home or business, we have one that we would be happy to share with you.  Post these on each of your entrances to protect your family and business associates/employees from unwanted/unlawful questions and harassment.

And: finally, a call to action we can all take:  If we all sent this letter out to 10 or 20 businesses we may get them to rethink their policies. A Freedom Fighter sent this out to Fit4Less and got a great response. Hopefully they will rethink their policy.


I just want to clarify something with you. The government has been telling everyone on the news for 18 months that vaccines are not mandatory in Canada. Mandatory vaccinations are illegal in Canada. This is why they are hoping businesses will adopt a mandatory policy… when a business decides to do this they also assume liability. This is the reason the government is not mandating them. They will be sued! They are going to allow businesses to go down for this instead.

The mandate is that every business has a policy.  The government did not tell businesses to make a mandatory vaccine policy for customers or employees… they are mandating a vaccine policy.  This policy can include everyone without discrimination… you just need a policy. Interpretation is everything.

Multiple times Justin Trudeau stated on the news that there would be enough vaccines for those who want them.  That vaccines are not mandatory and will not be forced on people.

Vaccinate or no entry policy is illegal. Vaccinate or be fired is coersion. Coersion and discrimination are illegal in Canada. Most covid vaccinated individuals will also choose not to support your business.

Lastly,  If you are aware of how this vaccine works, It does not stop transmission; you can still get the disease whether you are vaccinated or not. You cannot reach herd immunity with a vaccine that does not stop transmission. So why do we believe that mandating vaccines for covid will keep people safe?

The only thing this vaccine does is potentially reduce your symptoms if you should get covid. Therefore it only helps protect the person who gets it. This can also be dangerous because you could be walking around with covid and have no idea that you have it because your symptoms have been suppressed.

Please rethink your policy. I will no longer support your business and many other people are ready to pull out.

What do you think?

Written by Colin

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