Canada to amending all domestic legislation to come into compliance with the ICCPR and other international law


Trudeau is a traitor. Racketeering and more coming his way.

0:01 Good evening, everyone. It’s Stephen here from “The Real Canadian Liberal podcast”. For those who don’t know me, I’m a retired British military officer. I also retired Canadian Forces reserve officer. And I started this channel to discuss things, political events and societal events from a classical liberal viewpoint. And I’ve been quiet on the channel because I’ve been busy with other things for a while. But we’ve got a problem in Canada. And the legal and ethical problem that underlies the whole trucker convoy. Freedom convoy protests in Canada, I’ve covered in another video. So I invite you to go have a look at that. When I’m looking at or what I’m talking about right now, is going to be a bit shorter. It’s going to address what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau came up with today in a statement. He was saying that protesters need to understand that they are now breaking laws. Well, see, there’s this thing called a hierarchy of law.

1:01 In Canada, we live under a thing called the rule of law. There are some laws that override some other laws. There’s one act in particular, which is a crime against many War Crimes Act, that in Section 13 explicitly states that it overrides all Canadian domestic law. And the reason it does that is because when we signed on to the ICCPR in 1976, part of signing on to that committed us to as the act itself set as the international convention says it committed Canada to amending all domestic legislation to come into compliance with the ICCPR and other international law. So Canada is restricted by international law. This is not a protest based on domestic issues or domestic events or domestic law. The governments of Canada, so we’re talking about the federal government and the provincial governments have been breaking international law. By the way, video explains which laws are breaking.


2:05 When the Prime Minister is standing up and threatening Canadians who are protesting that they are breaking the law. They are protesting the breaking of a law by the Prime Minister and his cabinet and the public health authorities and all the Premiers of Canada and the public health authorities and members of their cabinets along with a whole bunch of other people who are enforcing these things. You cannot close or restrict or otherwise interfere with someone’s means of subsistence in Canada or anywhere else

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in the world, for that matter under Article 1 of the ICCPR. Unless your nation is involved in a public emergency, involving a threat to the life of the nation. That means you’re in a war, enemy troops are on your soil, and they’re threatening to over run your country and conquer it, or something close to that.

3:01 So the United Kingdom from about 1940 to 1943-44 time could probably claim that there was a threat to the life of the nation. And the Rome Statute further restricts the closure or the restriction of someone’s ability to earn a living i.e. their business or something along those lines. It says, any violation of that restriction must be limited by military necessity. Therefore, even in that public emergency involving a threat to the life of the nation, if there is not justifiable military necessity behind a business closure or a business restriction, it is a crime against humanity under international law. You go to Article 7, medical scientific experiments require free informed consent. Free informed consent as defined by the Nuremberg Code. That’s conventional and customary international law.

4:03 And Article 9 prevents you from quarantining someone who’s asymptomatic because asymptomatic transmission is a myth. It is scientific myth. Scientific myth is a myth. It’s not scientific at all. So here’s the deal. Justin Trudeau is going to prison, probably for life. A whole bunch of other people are in deep trouble. Cabinet ministers, public health authorities, members of the public. I think it’s worth just covering this for a second. Right. This is on the screen there. The crimes against humanity War Crimes Act or a chunk of it. Right? Section four: “Every person is guilty of an indictable offense who commits (a) genocide – I’m not too sure if that’s happening because it’s not targeted – but (b) a crime against humanity.” Clearly, articles 1, 7, and 9 of the ICCPR have been broken and broken across broad swathes of Canadian society and broken by public health authorities and the government. See a workaround? Well, we’re not in a war. So it’s not a war crime. Crimes against humanity are what happens when there isn’t a war.


5:21 Now let’s go to the next sub paragraph 1.1: “Every person who conspires or attempts to commit is an accessory after the fact in relation to, or councils in relation to, an offence referred to in subsection (1) is guilty of an indictable offense.” That means if a restaurant has not been checking vaccine passes, and a member of the public cause a snitch line, and informs on the friendly neighborhood restaurant, they are committing an indictable offense. Because they are counseling relation to, in relation to an offense

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under paragraph 4 (1)(b). They are helping someone else commit a crime against humanity. If someone working in the Canada Border Services Agency or whatever they’re called, is checking someone for their vaccine status to get onto an airplane or cross a land border, they’re enforcing a mandate that is illegal under international law.

6:55 Have a look at the liability on below there. Paragraph 4(2)(b): “Liable to life imprisonment in any other case.” If deliberate loss of life is involved, it’s 2(a) shall be sentenced for to imprisonment for life if an intentional killing forms the basis of the offense. Okay! So intentional killing is probably not the basis of the offense for someone who’s falling a snitch line on their neighbor. So it’s (b) liable to life imprisonment. You pick up the phone, and you find Alberta Health Services, or BC health services or Ontario’s health services and inform on a restaurant who’s not enforcing a vaccine pass, which is illegal under the ICCPR Article 7, you’re committing an indictable offense. So just think about how many people in this country have committed indictable offenses.

7:52 Now I’m gonna refer you to another legal case, a precedent setting case. It occurred in 2020 in Germany. Bruno de was an SS camp guard 1944-1945. He didn’t kill anyone. The German prosecution even admitted that he was not a Nazi. He was no fan of Nazi ideology. He was a draftee. He was forced into the SS. But he was convicted because he failed to do enough to stop the human rights violations going on around him. That’s right. He sat on his hands. So Prime Minister Trudeau and anyone who’s a fan of that individual, these truckers understand even if they don’t understand the law, and these people who are processing understand even if they don’t understand the law that’s sitting on your hands, going home, is wrong. It’s morally wrong. And it’s illegal. The Germans convicted Bruno de for precisely that thing in 2020. He failed to do enough to stop the human rights violations going on around him. And he was convicted for over 5000 counts of crimes against humanity.

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9:21 So when a government turns around, says, “Oh, it’s illegal to be doing protesting the way you’re protesting, go home.” If those people go home, they have to answer in their own conscience, “Have I done enough?” Everyone else who’s out there who hasn’t joined the protest needs to answer, “Have I done enough?” Every police officer is going to have to answer, “Have I done enough?” Everyone who phones a snitch line is going to have to answer, “Were you aiding and abetting in a criminal action and what did you

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do behind the scenes, perhaps, to try and stop this from happening?” I would wager for most of the people who fall in this snitch line, the answer is nothing. They’re true believers. They don’t care that they were breaking the law.

10:02 Petty tyrants, well, here’s the thing. Their day is coming. And it may take a while. Because as the case with Bruno de shows, he was 93 years old by the time justice caught up with him. Because he was a relatively minor player in the whole scheme of things. But the Prime Minister of Canada is not a minor player in the grand scheme of things. And the Governor General, who is the Crown’s representative in Canada is not a minor player in the grand scheme of things. And the premier of Alberta, and the premier of Saskatchewan, and the CMOS across this country, and the opposition leaders who have openly supported these measures, and the opposition health critics who have openly supported them, and any elected member of the legislative assembly in this country, whether it be the national parliament or provincial legislature of some sort, if you have publicly supported these measures, and have not since turned around and going, “Oh, I was wrong, that’s illegal, and I must do everything within my power to stop this happening”, then you fall under section 4, paragraph 1.1 of the crimes against humanity War Crimes Act. You’re a fellow conspirator. This isn’t a conspiracy theory. This is conspiracy fact. Read it. It’s on your screen right now. Take a snapshot, download the PDF. It’s not hard to find.

11:56 So here’s the deal. Justin Trudeau and his ilk are going to prison, one way or the other. Here’s the problem we have in Canada. This is the big problem. What is the cost of that going to be? Is our current Prime Minister going to push and pull police forces? And all the commission officers in the RCMP and other police forces in this country going to allow him to keep pushing and pushing and pushing until we end up in violence, to more people die, or innocent people end up in prison for protesting crimes against humanity? Is the military going to stand up? What is the cost going to be to Canada and Canadians to get justice?

13:04 Because the cost, last time, we were doing with fascist lunacy was 44,000 dead Canadians. Yeah, that’s how much it cost. We’re just Canadians either. Because this is a worldwide problem. And this is international laws being broken. My own service in one command, Bomber Command, lost 55,000 personnel stopping fascism, the last time around. Think about that. For those in Canada, that’s half the population of Red Deer.

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As a half the city of Red Deer gone. Every single last man, woman and child gone. How many cities are there in Canada that are 55,000 or around that region. That’s the whole city gone. That’s the loss of one military command. Not even entire service, that’s one military command in one air force to stop this sort of thing in the past.

14:06 The ICCPR is the legislation that allowed us to hunt down Slobodan Milosevic, Radovan candidate, and Michael Ravitch, we hunted them down. We put them in front of the International Criminal Court. They were convicted and imprisoned for violating that convention amongst other things, but that convention is the key one. This is not a light topic. Foreign interference! The Prime Minister complains about foreign interference. Well guess what, foreign interference is how we got Slobodan Milosevic. It wasn’t an accident or internal action that got rid of them. It was foreign interference. Who worried about foreign interference? The United States of America right now could lead unilaterally or bilaterally or multilaterally, put together a coalition and invade Canada based on what’s happening.

15:10 Prime Minister Trudeau and his cronies has been committing crimes against humanity, as have many other political leaders. And he’s digging in. How many Canadians are going to pay for this? And I mean pay, how many Canadians are going to end up dead before this gross criminal activity is going to end? Good question! That depends on law and how law enforcement acts in this issue. If police turn around and enforce the law of this nation, international law that we are signatories to and that we are bound by, this can be over with no casualties. Will not be nice?

16:10 IftheRCMPstandupandobeytheiroathandignoreunlawfulorders,andarrestthose who are issuing unlawful orders, and arrest those who violated articles 1, 7 and 9 of the ICCPR, this problem goes away. It doesn’t just go away, it’s gonna run belong in the courts for a few years. This will be pretty high profile criminal cases going on. It’s gonna take us 10 years to get through it all. But it can be done peacefully. It can be done peacefully if the law enforcement agency is Canada allow it to be done peacefully. If it is not done peacefully, however, by our law enforcement agencies, then we have a very, very serious problem, because this is not over until the perpetrators are convicted, or charged and convicted.

17:05 Andsure,there’sgonnabeafewpeoplewhoarecharged,whocanprovethat,actually, they were working behind the scenes to fix the problem. And if the law enforcement

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agencies get on with it and start indicting people that will come out and they’ll be acquitted. The problem is, if they don’t do that, then the next stage of this thing will probably result in a significant amount of vigilante justice, summary, justice in back alleys, etc. Now, if that sort of thing starts kicking off, which will be absolutely horrific – and I served in Northern Ireland, I served in Bosnia, I served in Iraq, seen a good chunk of Africa – I do not recommend anyone goes down that route. But unless law enforcement stands up and do their job, that’s probably what’s going to happen.

18:02 And then those innocent people, those people who are working behind the scenes to stop this, the ones who are working according to their conscience in the law, are going to get swept up with everything else. So what is the cost going to be for Canada to return to the rule of law? I’m praying that the cost isn’t as high as it could be. But if Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gets his way, it’s going to cost Canadians dearly. It’s going to cost other people dearly, and by other people. Let me explain what I mean. When other political leaders in the world throughout the recent history have broken these laws, it’s been American and British and French and German and Belgian and Dutch and Canadian soldiers who have had to fix it.

19:05 When soldiers get called upon to fix these problems, that is a very serious problem. That is last resort. But when you’re messing with international law, when you’re breaking international law, eventually, that’s where it ends. Young men and women in uniform going to some other country to enforce laws that country has decided don’t apply to them. So let’s not go down that road, shall we? Someone please have a word with our prime minister, get him to stand down, step down, surrender himself to the relevant law enforcement agencies and throw himself at the mercy of the courts. That’s the way we get out of this peacefully. That’s the way we get out of this with our heads held high in Canada, retaining the moral high ground as a nation and as a culture.

20:25 Himandthosewhohavebeenenactingalloftheseviolations,literally,dozens,ifnot hundreds of political leaders and senior bureaucrats across this country, plus a good proportion of lower level bureaucrats are in that boat. And if you’re one of them, go back to the question that could be asked to Bruno de, “What did you do to stop the human rights violations that were going on around you?” Because that’s your defense in a court of law. You can’t say I was following the Alberta Health Act, or the Saskatchewan Health Act, or whatever it’s called. Section 13 of the crimes against many

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War Crimes Act precludes that as a defense. The only defense you have is to say, “Hey, while all this is going on, this is what I was doing to stop it. And lay it out.”

So for those bureaucrats and law enforcement and public servants, elected and otherwise, who were involved in this, start building your legal case, be able to answer that question, what did you do with a versus what I was doing. Within my power, this is all I could do. But I was fighting this thing tooth and nail. I was doing what I could to make it stop. Because when you can do that in a court of law, when you could explain that in a court of law to a jury of your peers, Canadians are good and forgiving people. And they can look at it and go, “You know what, that individual is reasonable. They were doing what they reasonably could to stop the problem, to stop these crimes.”

My fear is, the cost of fixing this problem is going to be horrific. In a country that I grew up in and love, fantastic place. But we’ve got big problems. And everyone needs to start looking in the mirror and ask them question, “Am I part of the problem or am I part of the solution?” And right now, the only people who could honestly say, I’m part of the solution, are the people sitting in trucks in Ottawa and along the border and tractors along the border or in various communities across Canada doing slow rolls everywhere and protesters that are out there. And those that are online speaking out, speaking the truth. Those people can all say hand on heart, “I was doing my part.” The people who are sitting at home going, “All these truckers should just go home. My store shelves are going to be empty. Whoa, I can’t get to work in the auto factory because the parts aren’t coming through. Oh, we need to go home.” People who are doing that, yeah, you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. Time for you to wake up. Be a Canadian. We’re the nation of storm Vimy Ridge, we’re the nation has stormed sword beach, won the battle of Callann. We punch way above our weight. We hounded Hitler right to the heart Berlin alongside our allies.

That’s how Canadian should be, that who should be proud of, not the people who sit down going, “Whoa, I might lose my job. If I say something.” Who cares! 44,000 Canadians lost their lives fighting this crap before. That’s a whole lot more than losing your job. So I’ll leave that with you as a thought. How much is fixing this problem going to cost? Because right now, it looks like the price is gonna be higher than most Canadians could ever dream of. And that’s not a good thing. So everyone needs to start thinking about how they can contribute to stopping this. Alright. Good night all.

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