Trudeau and the Keilburgers are Getting Caught Under Oath

One Canadian Politician Stands above All The Rest In The Fight For Truth

Is it possible our prime minister, Justin Trudeau, is in reality the lost Kielburger triplet?

From time to time on Monday, during the Commons Ethics committee testimony of WE Charity pitchmen, Marc and Craig Kielburger, I’ll admit I wondered whether maybe Craig Kielburger and Justin Trudeau were the same person. 

They’re both smug, preening, virtue-signallers whose main purpose in life appears to be the perpetuation of their respective organizations – Kielburger and the aforementioned WE group of intertwined charities and companies and Trudeau leading the Liberty Party of Canada.

Achievements of other sorts – such as building a school in some far-off land or running a modern, industrial economy – seem mostly to be happenstances to their true purposes, which is keeping the cogs whirring and the lights flashing on self-congratulating perpetual-motion machines.

Motivational speaking was Trudeau’s occupation before taking office (and for some time after he became an MP, too). And motivational speaking seems to be mostly what Kielburger does – or at least did, until his and his brother Marc’s labyrinth of do-gooder foundations and real estate investments began to unravel last summer.

Until the Brothers Kielburger overreached and tried to pry loose around a billion tax dollars from the federal treasury in the name of helping youth through the pandemic, Marc Kielburger’s best-known public appearances were at WE Day rallies at which he and invited celebrities (including a fair number of Trudeau family members) would stride out in front of a mass of screaming devotees and spend an hour or so pumping up the already hyped-up crowd.

Sounds an awful lot like a Liberal party rally, right down to the rhetorical flourishes that lead to very little concrete action.

But wait, Kielburger and Trudeau can’t be the same person. There are all those photos of the two of them standing side-by-side on stages, hands clasped and raised together.

Yes, they both have boyish manes of wavy hair. And they are both whiny excuse-makers who always blame someone else when something goes wrong.

However, it’s not as if you never see the two of them together, a la Superman and Clark Kent.

They’re close to being the same person; like mirror images of the same televangelist hawking the same squeezable packets of miracle water.

And they both benefit from similar Emperor’s New Clothes acts in which their supporters are all so entranced by their charisma and the moral absolution they offer that followers claim not to notice there is really nothing much there.

Still, I had to give up my theory that Craig Kielburger and Justin Trudeau are one and the same.



Written by Colin


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