TOP 10 Prepper Items YOU WISH You Had!

Get Ready for The Collapse, it is coming

1. Farmland.
2. Seeds.
3. Livestock.
4. Plows.
5. A skilled blacksmith and forge.
6. A community of skilled people.
7. Trained security [everyone in the community would know how to fight].
8. Survival Library.
9. Extensive tool set.
10. A Doctor, nurse and medical supplies

love those vehicles but when I was in the army I hated getting into them, they are bullet magnets, ied magnets and someone WILL with superior weaponry want to take it from you. I love the bikes. It doesn’t take much to make a tank trap ambush to f those things up, or a pit type ambush system then you’re trapped and have to get ready for a fire fight. Love the bikes. If you have to get around that is what I’d choose and a stashable small canoe. Multiple people, get them to get a bike.

Ok as to a bug out vehicle.
Sense its purpose is to get you out of town and to your retreat there are plenty of options.
1) A used armored truck. it has gun ports and such.
2) surplus military equipment.
humvees deuce in half
and so on.
for Canadian prepped I would recommend a used dump truck with a snow plow.
add ballistic glass
ballistic panels and run flat tires.
This should get you and your equipment out of the city..

Written by Colin


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