More Evidence Big Trouble Is Brewing In Food Supply. Get Ready The Collapse is Coming

Don’t just Prepare for SHTF with goods, prepare your mind

Prepare For SHTF It's Closer Than You Think.
Prepare For SHTF It's Closer Than You Think.
I sat down with Chef Keith Snow who served as Director of Food & Beverage at Sundance Mountain Resort and the author of The Harvest Eating Cookbook and host of the Harvest Eating Radio Podcast to discuss food storage and focusing on how people can make local and seasonal cooking a way of life.

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HUMAN HAIR deters Most Critters, I clean out my hairbrush or haircuts and place the hair around my garden and even the deer do not disturb my yields. Later the birds will use it for their winter nesting. Bugs its always good to keep your chicken fence close to your garden, it also makes it more convenient for using their fertilizer and throwing out damaged foods and plants as they die off. WASTE NOTHING!  I’m within spitting distance of Daniel Boone so the wildlife is prevalent here.


Here in Ky. our Farm stores Tractor Supply, Ace Hardware are bringing out Pallets of Canning Jars, I am NOT seeing Lids at those places.  Paraffin Wax for canning jams/jellies was used in the old days so I purchased it in bulk of 55 lbs.($130), it can also second for candle making if need be and used wax makes excellent fire starters wrapped in strips of newspaper with a piece of baling twine around it.  I went through my Baker Creek Catalouge and highlighted all the seeds that had the longest Heirloom Saving on them, late 1800’s to early 1900’s. This told me these choices had survived more than a century of weather, food is food so what if you’ve never eaten a squash when your hungry you will not be complaining about it.  Whatever you do DO NOT WASH YOUR FRESH STORAGE FOODS UNTIL USAGE, I’ve found if you wash even a green or very ripe garden tomato and leave it on your table within 3 days it starts breaking down, without washing it last 3-5 weeks on the table(this is without air-conditioning) by choice. Should the power go out my family will be use to the heat, a huge accomplishment where children are involved.  Green tomatoes were wrapped in newspaper and stored in the basemen/cellar years ago, as a child we were sent to the cellar to check every so often to see if any had ripened.  We also brought them up to a window sill to ripen as we needed them. A Family of 6 children 2 adults and we had fresh garden foods all winter/spring.  At that point we were anxious to get the garden started for the restocking of our supplies. Carrots were stored with the tops laid directly on the cellar dirt floor, potatoes/squash many types in bushel baskets not plastic (it sweats). Seeds were stored in Brown Paper Bags-never plastic. Sawdust makes a great homemade refrigerator. Watermelons stored in shallow springs. Well that’s all for now I’m in the last phase of building my 3 Chicken Hoop Houses ( 1 for nesting to provide future chicks, 1 for egg laying to eat/sell, 1 for roosters just for Freezing or canning). Grannies working alone but its almost finished. 127 chicks are anxious for their new homes. Stimulus investment that keeps paying you back year after year.

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