Mammoth Biosciences The Latest Unicorn

Red Mile Group and Amazon. DOD Gets New Funding For New Crisper Technology.

Mammoth Biosciencess Latest Unicorn - Crisper Technology - But Why Now
Mammoth Biosciencess Latest Unicorn - Crisper Technology - But Why Now

We are looking at a deep problem with Crisper and rMNA technology.


The CRISPR-based biotech startup Mammoth Biosciences is officially a unicorn, the company says.

The billion-dollar valuation comes on the back of a $150 million Series D round led by Redmile Group, with participation from Foresite Capital, Senator Investment Group, Sixth Street, Greenspring Associates, Mayfield, Decheng Capital, Plum Alley and NFX. Combined with a late 2020 Series C round of $45 million (which included participation from Amazon), this brings the company’s total financing to $195 million.

Mammoth Biosciences has been a major player in the CRISPR space since its founding in 2017. CRISPR, put simply, is a pair of biological scissors that can cut and replace genes in cells and living organisms, opening up the potential to perhaps permanently cure genetic disease, and perform DNA-based diagnostics.

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