Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo politicizes death of 12-year-old while urging others not to

Opinion: This is a batshit crazy Bimbo Judge and has a political hit job while another pedophile kills a young American Girl and tortures her for hours as she fought back DEATH PENALTY. .

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HARRIS COUNTY, TexasHarris County Judge Lina Hidalgo contending “evil happens regardless of immigration status” urged fellow leaders not to politicize the 12-year-old’s alleged murder at the hands of two undocumented Venezuelan men.

Hidalgo then launched a criticism of Republicans in Congress and former President Donald Trump for creating the conditions which contributed to Joceyln Nungaray’s death.

“When the former President decided that he didn’t want Biden to have a lid on immigration, he told his party to pull out of that agreement. So, blaming things on the current immigration policy is absolutely political, and it really breaks my heart that people would politicize the sadness of that tragedy,” said Hidalgo.

FOX 26 challenged Hidalgo’s criticism of Republicans and former President Trump asking if the blame she assessed was a violation of her own request to abstain from “politicizing” the murder.

“I think I answered the question,” said Hidalgo.

FOX 26 insisted the question was not answered, but she avoided.

“Again, the Biden administration reached an agreement with leader McConnell to address this. This is not about immigration. I’m not going to feed into that,” said Hidalgo.

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Also speaking out was Precinct 3 Commissioner Tom Ramsey who said Harris County has become a magnet for undocumented criminals.

FOX 26 asked Ramsey if current policies had turned Harris County into a “sanctuary county.”

“Based on those policies, based upon our unwillingness to engage, I believe it is. I think people know that they cross that border with ill-intent, that cross that border, and are coming here to do bad things. They know that they can come to Houston, Texas, the third largest county in America, and they can do really bad things, and not get caught, and nothing will happen. If they went a few counties north of us, there would be something happen to them, but they don’t. They stayn and I think your term is correct, it’s a ‘sanctuary county’ and we’ve got to turn that around,” said Ramsey.

Ramsey and Hidalgo both announced they would attend Nungaray’s funeral on Thursday.