Covid Deaths Ratio Vaxxed to Unvaxxed 4:1 – Corporate Media Should Be Censored for Spreading Disinformation

The Science Doesn’t Lie. The Facts Are The Facts And People Are Sick From The Vaccines.

What the BBC is not telling you is that for every “unvaccinated” Covid death there are four “vaccinated” Covid deaths. For months we have been reporting on the higher proportion of people who sadly succumb and die with Covid after being injected with the so-called “vaccines.” Additionally, as we have frequently written, there are the vaccine-induced injuries, illnesses and deaths.  Contrary to what corporate media would have you believe, the Covid injections are neither safe nor effective.

UK Health Security Agency (“UKHSA”) statistics are clear and so is the text which accompanies them. For people who feel overwhelmed by statistics and numbers there is sufficient information if we read the words contained in the UKHSA’s ‘Vaccine Surveillance Report’ (“VSR”). It is all hidden in plain sight and the BBC, and much of corporate media, should be, at the very least, labelled “co-conspirators” and censored for spreading misinformation and disinformation.

Prior to the launch of the Covid injection campaign there were three statistics corporate media reminded us of daily, and repeatedly: cases, hospitalisations and deaths.  Since the Covid injection campaign began reporting these statistics must have become a mine field for them.


  • UKHSA admits “asymptomatic cases” are not a concern for spreading Covid
  • UKHSA does not use cases, positive PCR tests, to determine disease.
  • UKHSA uses non-peer reviewed studies and a study prepared by their own public health officials to estimate a “vaccine effectiveness” of 90% protection against mortality.
  • Real-world data shows a waning of protection until it flips and the opposite occurs – “vaccinated” people are at higher risk of hospitalisation and death.  “Vaccinated” people appear to be developing a vaccine-induced immunodeficiency disorder, a condition similar to AIDS.

Vaccine effectiveness

The VSR for week 45 (11 Oct- 7 Nov), page 5, states: “Large clinical trials have been undertaken for each of the Covid-19 vaccines approved in the UK which found that they are highly efficacious at preventing symptomatic disease in the populations that were studied … Vaccine effectiveness is estimated by comparing rates of disease in vaccinated individuals to rates in unvaccinated individuals.”

On pages 5 to 8 of the VSR then describes “vaccine effectiveness” as measured using symptomaticdisease, hospitalisations, mortality and transmission.

UKHSA is admitting “asymptomatic cases” – healthy people – are no longer a cause for concern in controlling the spread of an infectious respiratory disease.  Doctors, scientists and many others have been highlighting this obvious fact from early on.  The BBC calls such people “conspiracy theorists.”  We expect the Trusted News Initiative will hunt UKHSA down, and Facebook (Meta), Twitter, Google, LinkedIn et al. will “fact check,” shadow ban and censor UKHSA as they have joined the “conspiracy theorists.”

Vaccine effectiveness and cases

We choose to ignore case numbers and case rates as we know the use of the PCR test to detect infection is fraudulent.  The BBC may think number of cases is important however UKHSA agrees, at least in part, with the “conspiracy theorists” and also chooses to ignore them.

On page 23 the UKHSA states: “Comparing case rates among vaccinated and unvaccinated populations should not be used to estimate vaccine effectiveness against Covid-19 infection. Vaccine effectiveness has been formally estimated from a number of different sources and is summarised on pages 5 to 8 in this report.”   And on page 8 UKHSA states: “uninfected individuals cannot transmit” the virus.

In other words, “vaccine effectiveness” is based on symptomatic disease, hospitalisations and death.  It follows that the UKHSA recommends ignoring case rates as presumably cases, positive PCR tests, are not a reliable indicator to establish infection or disease.

Since March 2020, corporate media has groomed the public into believing cases, including asymptomatic, are key to controlling the “pandemic,” protecting the NHS and saving lives.  For well over a year cases and case rates, with the threat of imminent death, were used as a key measure to justify ruining lives and livelihoods by way of business shut-downs; bringing society to a standstill; and, imposing restrictions on our rights and freedoms.  From very early on corporate media referred to this as, and so instilled in the public’s psyche the idea of, “lockdown” – a term previously only used within prison environments.

Let’s put the uncomfortable truth regarding “cases” another way. The number of Covid cases or projected number of cases has determined whether: our livelihoods were ruined; children missed vital education; hospital and medical appointments for all other illnesses and conditions were virtually stopped or at best downgraded to little more than a telephone call; surgical procedures were cancelled; and, whether people were able to get married, attend a funeral, celebrate religious holidays, visit the elderly, or visit dying relatives in hospital.  The falling or rising number of cases determined how “hard” the proposed “lockdown” would be.

Now, when it comes to the number of rising cases post-Covid injection roll-out and how effective a so-called “vaccine” is in protecting the population from a “dangerous virus” – cases are, not only not key but, not a good measure of disease.

If this obvious contradiction of how “cases” are being used to manipulate your behaviour does not anger you then you have either lost the ability to think for yourself or you have lost your humanity.

Vaccine effectiveness, hospitalisation and deaths

The evidence UKHSA uses to prove “vaccine effectiveness” against hospitalisation are “several studies.”  They reference four studies.  One study is regarding a single dose of Covid injection, one is to estimate real world effectiveness and two are preprints, not yet peer reviewed.

The hospitalisations do not seem to be fitting their evidence.  In Table 4, page 19, of the 10,179 Covid patients hospitalised, almost two thirds had been “effectively vaccinated,” according to them, against hospitalisation.

Source: UK Health Security Agency: COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report Week 45, Table 4, page 19, published 11 November 2021

On page 7, UKHSA states “high levels of protection (over 90%) are also seen against mortality” and references three studies. Two are preprints, yet to be peer reviewed, and the third – a study to estimate real world effectiveness – is the same study as cited for “effectiveness against hospitalisation.”  It was published on 13 May 2021 by authors with affiliations as shown in the image below.

Does real world data support the effectiveness estimated by public health officials? On page 20 and 21 of the VSR are tables of Covid deaths which show a “vaccinated” to “unvaccinated” ratio of 4,8:1.

For every one “unvaccinated” person, there are at least four “vaccinated” people who die with Covid.  Alternatively, 82% of Covid deaths are post-Covid injection – far from 90% protection against mortality, rather it is almost as if the opposite is true.

Below the table, on page 21, there is a footnote which attempts to make an excuse for the high mortality of the “vaccinated”: “even with a highly effective vaccine, it is expected that a large proportion of cases, hospitalisations and deaths would occur in vaccinated individuals, simply because a larger proportion of the population are vaccinated than unvaccinated and no vaccine is 100% effective.”

Does the real-world data support UKHSA’s assumption that it is reasonable for more “vaccinated” people to be dying with Covid than “unvaccinated”?  Not according to ONS data. Deaths dramatically increased, above the five year average, two months after the Covid injection campaign was launched.

The UK launched its Covid injection campaign on 8 December 2020.  According to the UK government’s ‘Deaths within 28 days of positive test by date of death’ there were 63,830 Covid deathsbefore the launch of the Covid injection roll-out.  Since then, up to 10 November 2021, there has been 78,922 Covid deaths.  There have been more Covid deaths post-Covid injection roll-out than before it began.

If the Covid injection was 90% effective in preventing death, why are “vaccinated” people currently dying at a ratio of 4,8:1 to “unvaccinated” people?

In a previous article we wrote extensively about the real-world effectiveness of the Covid injections using VSR data over a three month period and the waning of effectiveness until it reverses and has the opposite effect.   For week 45, everyone over the age of 30 shows a negative vaccine effectiveness – the “unvaccinated” are better protected against Covid than the “fully vaccinated.”  The “vaccines” are destroying people’s immune systems – causing an immunodeficiency disorder, similar to AIDS, but vaccine-induced.  The correlation is unequivocally clear but corporate media is not reporting it.

Anyone who propagates the mantra “the vaccine is safe and effective” is not being truthful.  Anyone who encourages, coerces or forces an experimental medical procedure onto another is committing or aiding and abetting “wounding with intent.”  Corporate media is spreading misinformation and disinformation – turn off the TV, neuro-linguistic programming is being used against you.

Source: UK Health Security Agency: Vaccine Surveillance Report – Week 45.pdf

What do you think?

Written by Colin

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