The Governments Want to Mandate The vaXXXine But Won’t Show The Death Statistics.

Can’t prove that once you have natural immunity that you spread it., so without data they still want you to get vaXXXed

They Are Hiding The Death Statistics
They Are Hiding The Death Statistics

Facts Matter (Nov. 15): Letter From CDC Admits They Have ZERO Record of Naturally Immune People Transmitting Virus.
After a year of debate on the topic of natural immunity, there has been a new development.

According to a letter from the CDC—which came as a response to a freedom of information request—the CDC admits to having no records of anyone in the entire country who got COVID-19, recovered, got reinfected, and then spread the virus to others.

Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania, the Department of Health has, over the past year, been refusing to share vital information with the state legislature.

Specifically, they have been refusing to provide complete information about how they count and report COVID-19-related deaths.

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Study shows the vaccines are unsafe at all age groups. And especially higher for younger people, so why the hysteria to put this experimental death shot into everyone? SHTF Real News Real Scary


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