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What Does Your Blood Look Like After The “Vaccine”

Shocking Live Blood Analysis After Vax – LOOK

Red Blood Cells are Getting Destroyed
Red Blood Cells are Getting Destroyed

Morgellons-type structures that “feed” on crystals

La Quinta Columna has shared with the world a very particular observation about the filament-like structures they have found when looking at vials of Pfizer vaccines under an optical microscope.

Dr. Sevillano noticed that within the weird composition, there are some crystals that appear to be microcircuitry, but are actually some other material that would be a kind of food for the Morgellons-like filaments to grow. They don’t know what kind of crystals these are, but they continue in their research to try to unravel as many mysteries as possible.


Parasites and Bacteria in numbers seen before. It is crawling through the body. The immune system will be on overload. This is absolutely not normal.


Autopsy of person who died after 2 doses of Covid vaccine – Massive Blood Clots

⁣Emergency Medicine Specialist Dr. Rochagné Kilian blows the whistle on the concerning rise in D-dimer levels in patients after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine. This detailed, well-referenced video explains the phenomenon of micro-clotting, and why this demonstrates the likely development of an autoimmune disorder.
“Add the Pfizer vaccine and the red blood cells lose their oxygen carrying capacity and the red blood cells start to clot… This is exactly what we are seeing with the VAERS reporting. This is exactly what we are seeing with neurologic harm, with cardiac harm, with blood clots occurring in the body. This is proof positive that these vaccines cause this type of damage under the microscope just by simply being added to the blood of a human being… I think it is time the FDA and CDC do their job instead of giving it lip-service.”


No Wonder All These People Are Getting Cancer Right After The “Vaccines”










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ORIGINAL TITLE: Shocking Live Blood Analysis After Vax – LOOK


From Social Media

More Crazy Stuff In Vaxxed Peoples Blood

A collection of unknown objects found in Pfizer “vaccinated” blood.
The clotting alone would be bad enough but WTF are these other things?
Nobody seems to know for sure.
This was posted on a social media site. We are expecting more Dark Field Microscope Images will be posted showing the CATASTROPHIC changes in the blood of people who have taken the deadly injection…which is NOT a ‘vaccine’ by ANY stretch. Here’s the text that was posted with this image.

“I have a friend who is a Nutrition Microscopist. She is an expert in her field and has helped me immensely. She has many clients who took the so-called vax and asked them to come in for a free blood analysis. To her utter horror, this is what she saw. The top image is of completely healthy blood and blood cells before the ‘vax’ injection. The blood cells changed drastically over the next few days. The third picture (bottom center) shows countless, foreign nano particles (white specks) that show up in your blood shortly after the injection. Your body can NEVER detox from this and eventually those nano particles will enter every cell in your body.”

What this means, in short, is that you will never be the same and your health will be heavily impacted for the rest of your life…however short that many be. This is, without question, a crime of mass genocide against humanity.

Note the final picture just above, the fourth image, shows this person’s blood cells no longer being smooth and symmetrical. They are now covered with lumps and protrusions. This is an intentional world war on human blood. As Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and Dr. Luc Montagnier, and others, are saying, the injections will kill and will never stop killing. Dr. Montagnier, perhaps the world’s top Virologist, projects the life expectancy of all who have taken the kill shot injection is only 2 years. Remember the projections…only 99 million Americans will be alive by January 2025 …that’s just 3 and 3/4 years from now.

Also remember, all the top politicians and ‘name’ players such as Biden, Harris Emhoff and Fauci…were given a blank saline injection…not the real shot. Fauci couldn’t even remember which arm he took the injection in the very next day…

New Video Alleges Strange Object Detected In Vaccinated Blood Under Microscope, Graphene? (1:47 minutes)



SHTF TV The Real News From Around The World

Your Red Blood Cells Get Destroyed After The Vaccination. This Is Scary. SHTF

If you think that you are going to be OK after the Covid Jab, think again. What you find is unbelievable and devastating to your bod

Your Red Blood Cells Get Destroyed After The Vaccination. This Is Scary. SHTF
Your Red Blood Cells Get Destroyed After The Vaccination. This Is Scary. SHTF

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