BC Lawyer’s Letter Blows Apart Bonnie’s Virus Story

BC Lawyer’s Letter Blows Apart Bonnie’s Virus Story
BC Lawyer’s Letter Blows Apart Bonnie’s Virus Story

Bonnie Henry Forced To Back Down on Mandatory Vaccination for Health Professionals

By Jack Etkin
For NYCBC News

Early in 2022, health professionals including doctors, dentists, naturopaths, chiropractors, and Chinese medicine doctors were ordered by Dr. Bonnie Henry and the John Horgan government to be vaccinated by March 24, or stop practicing medicine.  Many of these groups lawyered up, and the government has completely backed down on the threat to force these health professionals to stop working.  The corporate, mainstream media have largely ignored the facts around this story.

Following are nine quotes from a letter from the Kelowna law firm Doak Shirreff to the Legal Services Branch of the B.C. Government.  The firm was hired by a group of psychologists who had been threatened by Dr. Henry’s order.  The information in this letter is remarkable in that it is so different from what the people of British Columbia and Canada are constantly told by our media and our governments:


1…  “Our clients (psychologists) have worked safely throughout the pandemic, without any evidence of increased risk of infection or transmission between themselves and their staff or their patients….  No scientific information or data has been provided by the Government to demonstrate that unvaccinated psychologists pose any greater risk of infection, or transmission of COVID-19 to their colleagues, staff or patients, beyond what would exist for psychologists who have received 2 doses of the vaccine … ”

2…  “Dr. Bonnie Henry has acknowledged that the COVID-19 vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission of the virus.”

3…  “Careful inspection of … recent data from Public Health Ontario also shows higher rates of COVID-19 in the double vaccinated population than the unvaccinated population, even when adjusted per capita.”

4…  “There is good evidence to suggest that natural immunity is much stronger …. than any limited protection offered by the vaccines.  There are at least another 150 scientific studies from around the world that support this conclusion. ”

5…  “An article published in the Lancet in January 2022 indicates that … there is no significant difference in transmission of the virus between vaccinated and unvaccinated persons.  Another study published in the Lancet on February 7, 2022 concluded that natural immunity after recovery from infection of COVID-19 provides far superior protection than vaccination.”

6…  “The BC Centre for Disease Control published statistics for British Columbia from January 25-February 24, 2022 … that suggest the vaccines are not effective at preventing transmission, hospitalizations, critical care admissions or death from COVID-19.”

7…  “Let us examine all cause mortality data from the randomized control trial data … from Pfizer released to the FDA involving over 40,000 participants. Experimental data clearly shows that the vaccine group did not save any more lives than the placebo group  ….   Therefore, the extreme steps of mandating a vaccine to all health professionals, or any segment of the population for that matter, are not justified by the Public Health Officer by pointing to the major risk to public safety as the available data do not support this claim…”

8…  “Data published by the UK Health Security Agency on February 22, 2022 shows that the fully vaccinated account for 9
out of every 10 COVID-19 deaths in England …. This data does not support statements made by Dr. Bonnie Henry that the vaccines are reducing the severity of symptoms in infected individuals and in fact disclose a disturbing trend.”

9 …  “A Freedom of Information request made to the BC Government regarding hospitalization figures from January 1, 2015
up to and including March 31, 2021 resulted in a response from the BC government demonstrating that hospitalization
numbers have actually decreased since the beginning of the pandemic from what they were in the 5 years before the pandemicThis information contradicts the statements of Dr. Bonnie Henry that BC hospitals experienced a significant increase in the number of hospitalizations as a result of Covid 19 patients that was overwhelming the health care system.”

– – – ? ? ? – – – ! ! ! – – –

Why has there been so little response from our governments and our media to the remarkable information contained in this letter? The letter was written on March 2, 2022.  It calls into question the entire virus story we are being told on a daily basis by our governments and our media.  The letter says there is no benefit to being vaccinated.  It says the vaccines do not prevent transmission or save lives.  It says that natural immunity from getting Covid provides better protection than the vaccines.  It says that in England the fully vaccinated account for 9 of every 10 Covid deaths.

Now maybe all of the information in this letter is wrong.  But we do know that following receipt of this letter, the BC government did a complete about face on forcing all health professionals in the province to get vaccinated by March 24 or stop practicing medicine.  Why did the BC government make these threats in the first place? Why are there no questions from any official body about all of the remarkable information presented in this letter from the law firm Doak Shirreff? What is going on here?

These are matters of life and death.  Our governments and public health officials, with the full support of our corporate owned media, are forcing people to get an experimental vaccine or lose their jobs.  And when the basis of the official story is called into question by lawyers, we hear no follow-up about it. As if the story stops there.

We ask again, what is going on here?

What do you think?

Written by colinnew

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