British Columbia Canada Wants to know about your Animals

BC Government Rolls Out Control Over All Farm Animals

These measure are to cover up the future Bio hazard pandemic on your animals. Remember the Communists always control people by food. Why do you think Bill Gates owns more farm land than anyone else in the US. The government wants to end animal agriculture.

We must go out and raise our own food and control our own destiny.

The NDP Communists are coming to take your food and starve you into submission.

Backyard beekeepers will soon need to register their gardens with the B.C. government.

Last week, the provincial Ministry of Agriculture announced that starting next year, anyone rearing farm animals — everything from bees to llamas to cattle — in the province will need to register their property under the government’s Premises ID program. The online registry of land with farm animals has proved useful in tracking disease outbreaks and protecting livestock from wildfires.

“It’s basically a record of who and how many (animals) are on a site,” said Kevin Boon, general manager of the B.C. Cattlemen’s Association. “It’s a complete way of doing that traceability aspect.”

Written by Colin


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