6th-Grade Boy & Father Confront School Board, and on Prime-Time TV, Denounce Child Sexualization

6th-Grade Boy & Father Confront School Board, and on Prime-Time TV, Denounce Child Sexualization
“The librarian asked if I wanted more. And if I wanted a graphic novel version.”

“For approximately 250 years, everybody in America agreed that sexualizing children is the worst crime you can commit. Child molesters got hurt, even in prison. Even criminals don’t like child porn — just can’t sexualize kids,” expressed Tucker Carlson Friday night.

Nick and Charlie checked it out of his school’s library.”

Here’s the transcript of Knox’s appearance in front of the board of the Windham Raymond School District RSU14:

Nick and Charlie] was on a stand. I’d like to read you a page.”

Knox begins reading:

Gender Queer.

“As far as Gender Queer, I’ve got a son in the high school as well. And this is bullsh*t. We know it — all right? We do not need to be having literature that’s showing boys how to suck d*ck. All right? I’m very, very frustrated about it, okay? And you may think that schools know the best for our children, [but] you know who knows the best for our children? The parents.”


Mr. Zajac and his son’s appearance in front of the school board spread like wildfire across social media.

In one of the many clips shared on social media, the video received 1.6 million views on Twitter.




The comments were overwhelmingly positive.

One Twitter user said, “That is horrific.” Angry face. “Having those words literally come from ‘the mouths of babies’ shows just how inappropriate it is. Good for that Dad and his son for presenting it to that school board.”

Another Twitter profile stated, “Finally! More fathers need to step up like this.”

The viral video caught the attention of Tucker Carlson Tonight — impelling the news show to invite Knox and his father on the program Friday night.

Tucker Carlson.

“The only thing that went through my head was [that] I was so uncomfortable. And I was so angry. I didn’t believe it was actually happening,” replied Knox.

“Yeah, little kids know when something’s creepy — like you can feel it immediately,” responded Tucker.

“Adam, parents know, too, but so many of them are intimidated from saying anything because it’s unfashionable. You don’t want to be the uncool parent. Why did you decide to bring this to public attention?” Mr. Carlson asked.

“It was something that had to be done,” replied Mr. Adam Zajac. I heard about another book [Gender Queer] that was in the [local] high school. And I asked my [high school] son to get a hold of it. I didn’t even think anything of my middle school son. And when I got the one [book] that was in the high school, it was disturbing, to say the least, what I found in there. And it’s just really, really, really disappointing to find out how our education system is failing our kids,” he lamented.

But, in a bit of good news, the response to Knox and Mr. Zajac’s brave appearance in front of the school board was widely applauded by the local community.

Most parents were unaware such content existed in the local school system, Mr. Zajac revealed, after Tucker Carlson asked, “How do your neighbors and the other parents in your town respond when you raised a fuss over this?”

“You know what? First, a lot of people just didn’t have an idea that it was going on in our communities,” he reported. “But now that they’ve actually seen it, and seeing an 11-year-old speak about that at the school board meeting has really set the stage and placed this right in the laps of all the parents across the country now. It’s really amazing the support that we’ve gotten through the community and now, honestly, across the country,” he expressed.

“I get messages privately, still, hundreds of them a day,” disclosed Mr. Zajac, “just saying ‘Thank you for speaking up.’ They’re worried about the cancel culture. They’re getting canceled, or they’re getting disciplined by their bosses, or they’re losing businesses as owners. And that’s not worth it [to them]. They’re terrified to speak up.”

“Yep, they certainly are,” replied Tucker. “But you two aren’t,” he commended. “We appreciate your bravery. Knox, for 11, you’re just amazingly self-contained — so impressive. Thank you both.”

Sold, about child sex trafficking, has equally inappropriate content:

“If I bring a half dozen men to my room each night, and each man pays Mumtaz 30 rupees, I am 180 rupees closer each day to going back home. If I work for a hundred days more, I should have nearly enough to pay back the 20,000 rupees I owe to Mumtaz.”

Many parents and older adults in the LGBTQ community, such as the group Gays Against Groomers, share these concerns:

“Gays Against Groomers directly opposes the sexualization and indoctrination of children. This includes drag queen story hours, drag shows involving children, the transitioning and medicalization of minors, and gender theory being taught in the classroom.”


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